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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Say ‘Yes’ More This Weekend (July 7 – 9)

4 Zodiacs Who Need To Say ‘Yes’ More This Weekend (July 7 – 9)


You love your comfort zone. You’ve created such a cozy space at home, why would you ever want to leave it? This is how you unwind, after all. Unfortunately, if you say no a few more times, your friends will stop trying to hang out with you entirely. Friendships are important, babe. You may feel lukewarm at best when you say “yes” this weekend, but you’ll be happy you did once you’ve gone to whatever your friends are hoping you’ll attend. You deserve some fun. No regrets.


You already made plans. Sure, those plans likely have something to do with chores that need to be done around the house, but still, you’ll use them as an excuse to say no. Guess what? Those chores, tasks, plans that you have can wait. Really. You could do them next weekend. Instead of spending all your time working through your to-do list, say yes to plans with friends or family this weekend. Heck, it could be yes to a flyer about a free summer concert, even if it means going alone. This is the time for adventure, not chores.


“No” has just become automatic for you at this point. You don’t even think about what’s being asked–you just say no. You have to admit that you’ve missed out on a lot of cool experiences because you’ve been so quick to shut them down. Go into this weekend with a mission to think before you answer. Maybe you actually do want to go to the lake with your best friend or out to brunch with friends from high school. Say yes and you might even get out of that rut you’ve been in.


You’re very happy doing your own thing. You love your hobbies and projects. Frankly, you don’t see what’s the big deal about saying yes to anything this weekend. And since you’re not the type of person to regret things, you could go the entire rest of your life saying no and feel just fine with it. Just consider this a challenge. The universe is challenging you to say yes to something you wouldn’t normally do with your weekend. If it sucks, go back to the way things were. But there’s a very good chance you’ll actually have fun. It’s worth a try!

4 Zodiacs Who Need To Say ‘Yes’ More This Weekend (July 7 – 9)

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