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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Be The Boss In Their Relationship

4 Zodiacs Who Need To Be The Boss In Their Relationship

Some zodiacs are comfortable sitting back and letting others take control. But then there are zodiacs who are attracted to power. They want to call all the shots. They want to set the rules. Here are some zodiacs who always want to be the boss in the relationship:


Leo, you are a leader at heart. You love to the reins of every situation you’re placed in because you feel more comfortable when you’re in control. You trust yourself more than you trust anyone else, so it’s easier when you’re surrounded by people who will follow your lead. But relationships aren’t supposed to be ruled by one person. Healthy relationships are about meeting each other halfway. You can’t expect your partner to obey everything you say. You need to come to compromises. You need to respect their opinion and listen to their side of things. You need to work together, as teammates. One person shouldn’t have total control.


Aries, you’re a go-getter with drive. You know what you want and you aren’t going to stop until you get it. In relationships, this can be endearing. But it can also be frustrating. After all, you rarely back down from arguments. You speak your mind and stubbornly stick to your opinion. But you can’t always be the boss in your relationship. You can’t force your partner to do whatever you say. If you expect them to give into you every single time, then you’re either going to get disappointed when they refuse – or you’re going to cause resentment when they always say yes. Either way, it could cause trouble for the relationship. Even though you have strong opinions, you need to listen to your partner’s opinions, too. You need to hear them out.


Virgo, you are strong and intelligent, so you assume you’re always right. You assume you always have the correct solution, so your gut instinct is to tell your partners what to do. Plus, you’re a fixer, so if something is bothering the love of your life, you want to save them. You want to make them feel better again. But sometimes, the best thing you can do for them is let them vent. They don’t need you to solve all their problems. They don’t need you to make decisions for them. Sometimes, all they need is a partner who will listen to them. So even though you’re comfortable as a leader, you need to let your partner make their own mistakes.


Taurus, even though you can come across as sweet and innocent, you have a bossy side. You are stubborn, so whatever you say goes. You won’t want to date anyone who pushes against your routine. You might be uncomfortable with change and uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean you should make every decision. You should trust your partner enough to know that they wouldn’t make a choice that would upset you. You should believe in their decision-making abilities as much as your own. Even though you might have the urge to insist things happen your way, you need to accept the fact that some things are out of your control. Some decisions, your partner should make without you.

4 Zodiacs Who Need To Be The Boss In Their Relationship

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