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4 Zodiacs Who Need Change Or Else They’ll Get Bored

4 Zodiacs Who Need Change Or Else They’ll Get Bored


Aries needs to be presented with new challenges regularly, or they start to become complacent with their own success. They are the Schwarzeneggers who can only win so many Mr. Olympia titles before they turn their eyes toward Hollywood. They crave that continuous climb, that struggle towards greatness. What was once a summit to attain quickly becomes a plateau they must rise above and above and above. They need to be reminded to enjoy the wins along the way, or they can run the risk of never being satisfied no matter how much they attain. The best thing for an Aries who has seemingly mastered their craft is to stick them in a beginner’s class for something completely unrelated. The enormity of starting from zero is the challenge they crave.


Virgos are so self-aware and constantly evolving mentally and emotionally that they feel a need to express that inner metamorphosis through external change. They will dye or cut their hair, completely redesign their bedroom, change their name, or move to a new city to create an equilibrium between their physical and spiritual experiences. They love routine for the organization and reliability it brings, things like weekly vacuuming or regular reading and exercise, but they’re not the sign that wants to live in the same town they grew up in, hang with the same people they did in high school, or let themselves slide into social norms. They don’t aspire to run the bake sale at their local church. They’re too revolutionary for that. A Virgo’s routines adapt and change and grow just as much as they do. 


Leos are loyal friends and customers, but they equally need to branch out. They’ll have their favorite bars and restaurants for sentimentality and special occasions, but the rest of the time they are scouring the internet for the newest, trendiest openings. They need to make the first available reservation at the pop-up no one has heard about. They’re friends with the bouncer at the bar that’s hidden behind a warehouse in a part of town that makes everyone a little nervous but delivers the night of everyone’s life. Their pet peeve is Disney adults, not because they yuck anyone’s yum, but because the thought of vacationing in the same destination every year is literal torture to them. They need to explore. Their Insta grid must deliver variety. Their lives must be worthy of that exceptional adjective, interesting.


Sagittarians need to see what’s out there. They want to experience other cultures and customs, meet as many new people with different perspectives as they can, and soak up as much of what the world has to offer as humanly possible. They are constantly seeking knowledge – the journalist in them has a nose for news and despises ignorance, and the writer in them wants a taste of every emotion on the spectrum like they’re Baskin-Robbins’ 31 flavors. Their life goal is to be the smallest fish in the biggest pond, to embrace the vastness of life, and never be accused of living it in a bubble. Their stubbornness can sometimes make them hypocrites, it’s always easier for them to embrace the change they volunteered for, versus the ones that come on unexpectedly.

4 Zodiacs Who Need Change Or Else They’ll Get Bored

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