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4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Be Swept Off Their Feet This Week (July 3 – 9)

4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Be Swept Off Their Feet This Week (July 3 – 9)


You’re a bold person. You go out and get what you want on a regular basis. That means that you’re way more likely to sweep someone off their feet than the other way around. Still, deep down you wish you’d find someone to be that person for you. You wish that you’d fall into a deep love, and that your soulmate would take charge. It’d certainly help you rest now and then. After all, it’s tiring always being the one making all the moves. Let’s hope you get swept away this week.


Like Aries, you’re a go-getter. People in your life assume you have it all together, and for the most part you do. Your work and home life are well organized, but your love life is decidedly less put-together. Unfortunately, you tend to attract people who are more than happy to leave everything to you. But that’s not what you really want. Deep down, you want that emotional kind of love, the kind where your partner can’t help but show it every day. This week, you deserve to be swept off your feet like you’re the main character of an adorable rom-com.


You’re a super practical person. In fact, you’re the type of person who says they don’t believe in love at first sight or true love or the idea that someone could be “the one.” That’s the best reason for why you should be swept off your feet this week. Deep down, you’d love to be pampered like that, but you need someone to show you that it really exists. There’s a heartfelt romantic buried under your practical exterior just waiting to bust free.


Despite your having a sensitive soul and great empathy skills, people still find you intimidating. Maybe it’s the fact that you can seemingly see right into their souls? Either way, people crushing on you might be too spooked to make a move. This week, you deserve to have the people who love you sweep you off your feet. You deserve to feel all the love and romance that you hope for everyone else.

4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Be Swept Off Their Feet This Week (July 3 – 9)

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