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These Are The Longest-Lasting Relationships For Each Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

These Are The Longest-Lasting Relationships For Each Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)



Gemini and Leo can be attracted to each other’s vibrant personalities: Leo will love Gemini being an intellectual and social butterfly and Gemini will love Leo’s confidence and charisma. Both are playful and have an enthusiastic approach to life and will have a lot of fun together, talking (a lot), laughing, and playing. However, there will still be challenges that they will face. Leos are prideful and confident and often seek validation — especially from their partner — and Gemini will be so aloof they won’t even notice that and won’t give them the validation they crave. Geminis are a little too emotionally distant and that will really irk Leo. Both signs can be quite stubborn in their own ways too: Gemini values freedom and variety which might clash with Leo’s desire for commitment and need for control. However, if they work on being patient with one another, this can be a deeply harmonious relationship that can last a long time.


An air-air duo is strong like the wind. They truly have an unstoppable power to them and they could take on the world together. Both Aquarius and Gemini appreciate a good mentally stimulating conversation. They love heart-to-hearts and deep talks about ideas, goals, and ambitions, which is why they can form a strong intellectual bond. They also share a similar approach to life, valuing individuality and being social butterflies. They have a mutual understanding of each other’s need for independence, which can make for a respectful dynamic. However, this can often lead to emotional detachment — and that will be a major challenge for them. Emotional intimacy? Nope, none. However, this is nothing they can’t communicate and work through together. This can be a deeply fulfilling partnership that can last a long time — as long as they don’t fear those important, emotionally vulnerable conversations.



Virgo and Libra are a duo that complements each other well. With Virgo’s practicality and perfectionism and Libra’s sense of stability and aesthetics, these two work well together. Virgos are also secretly quite sensual (“The Virgin”), which goes well with the Venus-ruled Libra (who is all about sex and romance). They will be able to support one another and find balance as long as they compromise and find that common ground. Both signs are good at communicating — until there is an argument and then they will both avoid it for as long as they possibly can. This is, obviously, going to be a major obstacle they will have to face. Tension and conflict can arise when Libra is a bit too indecisive and Virgo is a bit too judgemental. However, it’s nothing they can’t work through. They both understand that in order to have a fulfilling, long-lasting commitment, a few bumps in the road are okay because it only makes the relationship stronger.


When Libra and Aquarius get together, it can be an incredibly stimulating connection. Both signs appreciate intellectual conversations, deep concepts, and new, inspiring ideas. They share a natural curiosity and open-mindedness, which makes them really good at communicating with one another. However, being air signs makes them a bit withdrawn: Libra avoids conflict and Aquarius is emotionally cold and aloof. Libra also has a desire for commitment and Aquarius is a bit more independent, so they might clash here at first. Both signs value freedom, individuality, and fairness and deeply respect one another, so if they can find the patience, take the time to communicate with one another, and compromise, they can make this relationship for a long, long time.



Aquarius and Aries might be an unexpected duo, but they are surprisingly quite a solid match. Aries needs someone who can keep up with them and their adventurous spirit, and Aquarius is that person, bringing intellect and innovation. These two are all about building an adventurous, exciting relationship and giving each other the space they both need and deserve to pursue their goals and grow as people. Their biggest challenge, though, will be finding common ground with Aquarius’ emotionally detached nature and Aries’ passion and intense emotional expression. Aquarius puts a lot of consideration and thought into doing something, whereas Aries is impulsive and spontaneous and there will be a very obvious disconnect. As long as they aren’t unwilling to compromise, take the time to communicate, and see each other’s points of view, this can be a long-lasting pair.


Sagittarius and Aquarius really just get one another. They both have pretty out-there personalities and are a pair of big thinkers. They’re a couple that travels together, learns together, and grows together — but also still understands the importance of independence and freedom. They can support each other’s individual pursuits and encourage personal growth and self-expression. They have to really channel their open-mindedness and progressive outlook when it comes to disagreements and differences, like with Aquarius’ thoughtful and deliberate decision-making and Sagittarius’ impulsive, spontaneous nature. They might also clash when it comes to emotions, with Aquarius’ detached nature and Sagittarius’ desire for emotional connection and intimacy. As long as they maintain their open and honest communication, this will be a successful, beautiful pair.

These Are The Longest-Lasting Relationships For Each Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

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