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Love Horoscope For The Week Of June 12 – 18, 2023. Gemini Is Deceived, And Pisces Lives A Romantic Story

Love Horoscope For The Week Of June 12 – 18, 2023. Gemini Is Deceived, And Pisces Lives A Romantic Story

A hectic week from an astrological point of view. Three events will shake the sentimental lives of the zodiac signs.

The love horoscope announces that in the week of June 12 – 18, we can expect reversals of the situation, but also a lot of passion.

This is due to the entry of Mercury into its home sign: Gemini, on June 11, 2023. It can bring instability and indecision, but also better communication. You will stop here very little, only until June 27.

Also on June 11, Venus squared with Jupiter. The impact of this meeting will be felt until the end of June, bringing confusion in terms of love.

The week ends with a very important event for all zodiac signs. Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, starting June 17, 2023, until November 4. This transit will mean emotional maturation and spiritual rediscovery.

Let’s see what the weekly love horoscope brings for each zodiac sign!


This week is less about classic love and more about self-love. Saturn enters your spiritual zone and influences you a lot. What you might notice is that your dreams are all the more vivid and intense. If this is also your case, they are probably trying to tell you something, so listen. Keep a journal. Go inside yourself and reflect on what your soul tells you. Use this time to write down the new ideas and thoughts that seem to flow like a waterfall in your mind. This week you have the chance to discover all kinds of inner treasures.


Is your heart fighting between two men? Or between partner and career? The week of June 12-18 will take place under the sign of confusion and you will be faced with a choice. Too many options will only overwhelm you. Prioritize your values ​​and make your choices starting from there, because the Moon shines from your values ​​sector this time. What seems to be an insurmountable problem or fear now can be resolved faster than you initially anticipated. Let yourself be carried away by your intuition.


With Mercury in your sign, not very good news awaits you this week. The love horoscope predicts betrayals and infidelity for you rather than a successful love story. You could be deceived or lied to and now the truth will come out. Maybe it’s a signal from the Universe that it’s time to commit to a new beginning. There may be several paths in front of you – which one will you choose? This is the crux of the matter this week. With some of the other planetary energies around, you might feel a little confused and possibly even pessimistic. However, if you close your eyes and look only inside yourself, you will find the answers there and you will know what you have to do in the next period.


It’s an almost magical week for you. You are receiving a very rare cosmic opportunity for growth. Be open to putting an end to certain situations, relationships, and patterns that only hold your soul back. It may be difficult for you to conclude a partnership, be it friendship or love, but you will make the best decision for your future. Listen to your instinct, first of all. Release yourself with grace and don’t worry about what comes next. The stars protect you.


A very good week awaits you from a sentimental point of view. You have a great chance to fall in love at first sight and start a beautiful relationship. It could be that the love that pops into your life is one you’ve never experienced before. Let’s not forget that Venus is in your sign, and the square formed with Jupiter, the planet of luck, can only be a good omen for your love life. If you are already in a relationship, enjoy the next period, because you will live dreamy moments with your partner. You will be more in love than ever.


A difficult week, with many obstacles in your relationships. You do not succeed at all in making yourself understood in the family and this aspect deeply displeases you. However, think about whether this could be a test of courage. A test of faith? On Sunday there is a New Moon in your friendship and community area. Maybe your goals are a little unclear right now, or maybe it’s that you can’t rely on others right now. Whatever comes for you, it is important to trust the process that is taking place. Avoid trying to control situations this week, because destiny will follow its natural course, no matter how much you try to intervene.


Mercury in the career area connects with Saturn in the relationship area on Thursday. This reflects a certain seriousness on the part of a partner or other close connection. Maybe this person even feels a little bit of fear and projects it onto you. How much do you allow it to affect you? Only you know where the limit is. The energy this week is a bit confusing, so make sure you set boundaries, whether it’s work or personal relationships. If you are alone, it is not the time to start a relationship, because it will cause you a lot of suffering.


It seems that the Universe is ready to offer you an adventure, with some aspects that take place in this area. You can choose what kind of adventure. Do you want to have fun with friends or do you want to start a relationship? Both are possible. You might meet someone interesting even through your friends or at a party. You fall in love very quickly during this period and it will not be difficult for your new partner to steal your heart. The passion could die out as quickly as it started, but… if it lasts, you will live an indestructible love story.


Certain older issues appear in your relationship as a couple, which now requires urgent resolution. We all have our own unique story, and the most important thing is to give yourself all the love you often give to others. This is the very first step of healing. The problem might need to be stopped before it gets bigger. Sure, there might be some more difficult situations to deal with, but don’t lose your optimism. Your positive attitude will lift your partner’s morale and transform what seems negative into something much more promising. If you’re single, chances are not very high that you’ll meet someone interesting, so use your energy to give yourself love and validation, instead of wasting your time with the wrong people.


Your ruler, Saturn, goes retrograde this week, Saturday, in your communication zone. For you, this may look like a deep thought process or you may even take some time to study and gain new knowledge. Take care of your mental health. It seems that during this period you need to meditate, to practice gratitude, so that you can order your thoughts. If you are in a relationship, rely on your partner’s support and ask for his help when you cannot decide on your own. If you are alone, don’t throw yourself into the arms of the first person who comes, because it might just be a karmic lesson from Professor Saturn.


New passions, hobbies, and even relationships may be on the agenda for you in the coming months. If something that excites you escapes you and leads you to a dead end, then try something else. It is important to have a flexible attitude at this moment. Manage your expectations wisely. It is especially valid in terms of love life. Cupid will shoot you and you might fall in love with an interesting man right away. Before starting a relationship with him, ask yourself what you want. Communicate openly. He might be the chosen one and you don’t want to start such an important relationship off guard, right? If you are already with someone, be very careful, because the passion can go to the bedroom or… to the knives. Certain heated discussions can bring big problems.


You have had an excellent week. If you are alone, chances are quite high that you will live a romantic story with a new person in your life. If you already have a partner, take advantage of this period when love is in the air to show your feelings and make statements. From Saturday, Saturn retrogrades in your sign and comes with many lessons, especially regarding your personal development. Take time now to take care of your physical well-being and think about what changes you would like to make in your life. Romance can also be applied to o own person. Maybe it’s simply about creating limits so that you don’t end up emptying yourself of energy.

Love Horoscope For The Week Of June 12 – 18, 2023. Gemini Is Deceived, And Pisces Lives A Romantic Story

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