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6 Zodiac Signs That Will Have A Horrible July 2023

6 Zodiac Signs That Will Have A Horrible July 2023

1. Aries 

Aries, this July might come with its fair share of pitfalls. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in a position that will generate considerable discord. Mars is known for its fiery energy and drive, and when it’s out of balance, it could leave you feeling like you’re pushing a boulder uphill. You might face unexpected setbacks in your career or personal projects that have been running smoothly so far.

Aries, you’re characterized by your determination and ambition. You’re always eager to be the first in everything — both at work and at home. This natural drive could be hampered in July, leaving you feeling uncharacteristically uncertain and directionless.

But this isn’t a call to hide under your sheets for the entire month! To help you return to normalcy during July, remember to be patient with yourself. Regardless of what Mars is up to, you’re never one to shy away from a challenge; use this time as an opportunity to find new, creative ways to reach your goals.

2. Taurus 

Taurus, brace yourself for a tricky July. Your ruling planet, Venus, is signaling disruption for you this month, particularly on the relationship front. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, but it can also stir up complications and misunderstandings in personal and professional relationships when it’s out of whack. Your ruling planet is headed into retrograde at the end of this month, and even pre-retrograde throughout the first part of July will likely throw things off for you.

You’re the sign that’s most obsessed with routine—. You love it when things don’t change, and these disruptions may leave you feeling unstable and unsupported. You might find yourself at odds with those closest to you and have trouble communicating with your loved ones.

Take a deep breath and try to stay open-minded this July. This period may test your relationships, but it can also provide a valuable opportunity for growth and understanding. Try to communicate honestly (and gently), and don’t forget the value of compromise!

3. Leo 

Leo, prepare for some ups and downs this July. Venus has been in Leo for a while — which was a good thing for you in June — but now that the planet of love is headed into retrograde, your month may get a little hectic. Venus will affect your ego and sense of self, so you’re more likely to come off as egotistical and self-centered this month. You may also find yourself feeling overconfident, and you’re likely to run into some arguments and miscommunications in the romance department.

As a Leo, you are confident, self-assured, and have a strong sense of your place in the world. Venus will throw these qualities off-balance this month, which might leave you feeling isolated and misunderstood.

But remember, Leo, you’re known for your resilience and optimism. You can combat Venus’s turbulence by preparing ahead of time. Accept the changes that are coming for you and be prepared to let your other amazing qualities — like your kindness and generosity — take the lead this month. Learn how to be adaptable this month and remember that, although Venus loves to show off a dramatic retrograde, you’re really being set up for success. Take the time to examine your relationships and emotions this month to see what changes you’d like to make in your life next month.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio, you’re partially ruled by Mars, which is doing its best to cause problems this month during Venus’s retrograde pre-shadow. Luck is partially on your side this month, as Pluto will help ground you while Venus makes things turbulent, but there are some specific areas that you might struggle in during July.

Scorpio, you’re never one to shy away from finding the truth. This period of change could bring to light issues you’ve been avoiding or suppressing, resulting in a period of discomfort and unease. You might also find your career stagnating this month — it’s a great time to plan ahead for your professional future, but expect some unfortunate career events or changes to happen during July as well.

However, Scorpio, these muddy waters aren’t anything you can’t handle! You are no stranger to challenges, and your ability to adapt and reinvent yourself will come in handy during July. Mars will help bring to light some hidden issues in your professional life you haven’t thought about, and it’s always got your best interests in mind. Look forward to learning and growing throughout July and coming out stronger on the other side. 

5. Aquarius 

Aquarius, you might see a lot of changes in your personal and professional relationships this July. Not all of these changes will be unwelcome, but a few of them might be difficult to handle — and they’re likely to be sudden! Keep an eye out for any turmoil building in your social circles or any friends that seem distant from you. 

This is a great time for you to reexamine your relationships — especially friendships — and see what issues the cosmos is trying to help you resolve. Some of your friendships might feel old or stagnant, and you may feel antisocial during some periods of this month. You might find it challenging to focus on your own personal life amidst these sudden changes.

Luckily for you, not every week will see these issues boiling over. Some of these relationship changes will be extremely positive for you, and you can use this time to figure out how you and your loved ones can reconnect. It’s a good time to plan social get-togethers, dates, and family gatherings (even if you’re feeling a little uncertain about them). Don’t shy away from having honest, one-on-one discussions this month. It’s also wise to prioritize your relationships as much as possible — dedicate some extra time to your favorite people this July.

6. Pisces 

Pisces, July is set to be a tumultuous month for you. You may end up feeling unproductive and extremely disorganized. Both your professional life and your personal life are set to be affected by this; you might experience travel delays, and minor miscommunications, and end up feeling burnt out before July is even over.

You’re typically intuitive and in tune with the world around you. You have a deep sense of empathy and are usually able to navigate your way using your internal compass. However, the astral chaos this July may cloud your intuition, causing uncertainty and anxiety.

Take a breather this July, Pisces! Don’t let the delays in your life get you down — make sure to leave extra room in your schedule for traveling, and plan some extra breaks for yourself throughout the day as much as possible. You might also benefit from relaxation and self-care activities (think meditation and comfort foods all month long). Prioritize your own well-being this month. Be forgiving of any productivity issues you encounter this July. And look on the bright side — July is likely to bring you some extra creative inspiration, so spend your time planning new projects for the future and look forward to the positive changes August will bring you.

6 Zodiac Signs That Will Have A Horrible July 2023

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