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Why Your Ex Wants You Back, Based On Your Birth Month

Why Your Ex Wants You Back, Based On Your Birth Month


Your ex wants you back because you were always there for them and you never let them down. You provided them with stability and strength they can’t find with anyone else and that’s because you were always reliable and you did your best to make your partner feel like they will never be alone and that you will be there whenever they call. You’re also trustworthy and honest and your ex can’t find these qualities in anyone else.


Your ex wants you back because you made them more positive and hopeful. You made them see the light in the darkest situation and you were always pushing them to get out of their rut. They miss your positive energy and how you made them feel better. You made their life easier, and more fun and they counted on you for their happiness. Your ex can’t find the same spirit and energy in anyone else because yours was special and unmatched.


Your ex wants you back because you understood them better than anyone else and they could talk to you about anything. They miss sharing their deepest secrets with you and having meaningful conversations that could last for hours without getting bored. They can’t find the same emotional connection they shared with you and they are longing for those late-night calls because they were therapeutic.


Your ex wants you back because you gave them the best time of their life. You took them to the best restaurants and you planned the best trips for them. Their time with you was always fun and exciting and there was never a dull moment. They miss being with someone who takes the lead and plans everything so perfectly and they miss being taken care of and spoiled because no one spoils their partner like you do.


Your ex wants you back because you inspired them to be a better person. You encouraged them to work harder and believed in them when no one else did. You were their main source of motivation and you helped them become more determined and successful. They feel lost without you because you guided them in many aspects of their life and encouraged them to follow their dreams.


Your ex wants you back because you were always warm and affectionate even when they didn’t deserve it. They miss that kind of unconditional love and acceptance because you tend to accept the people you love as they are and you never try to change them. They keep meeting people who want to change them and mold them into someone else and they now appreciate how loving and nurturing you were to them, even at their worst.


Your ex wants you back because they can’t find the kind of romance you showed them with anyone else. You wrote them love letters and left them cute notes on their fridge. You showered them with thoughtful gifts and took them on the most romantic dates. They miss feeling adored and cherished since everyone they meet can’t seem to appreciate them or treat them the way you did and they are realizing now that your love was special and you really did everything to please them.


Your ex wants you back because you were their pillar and their call to the rescue. You stood up for them when they were being attacked and you always got them out of trouble because you are fearless and you protect those you love from any harm. They miss the safety they felt with you and how you also took care of the small things, not just the big things and they feel a little helpless without you.


Your ex wants you back because you never lied to them. You were always transparent and straightforward and you never played any games. You didn’t mess with their head or try to manipulate them and they miss that kind of honesty because everyone they meet is either not serious about them or confused. They miss how sure you were of them and how you always told them how you felt and what you wanted so you don’t let their mind wander or overthink your intentions.


Your ex wants you back because you were their best friend too, not just their partner. They miss calling you whenever they want and telling you anything without fearing that you would judge them or criticize them. You were also easygoing and flexible and they miss your random dates and trips. They can’t find that seamless connection and effortless bond with anyone else,


Your ex wants you back because everyone is dull, boring, and reserved compared to you. You made their life more exciting and fun. Your flirtatious texts made them smile every morning and you always made sure to try new things with them. You introduced them to the best bars and restaurants and you took them to the best events and parties because you are so well-connected and respected that you always get invited to the best and most luxurious places. They miss your spontaneity and surprises that were simply extraordinary and fun.


Your ex wants you back because you were understanding and you gave them the space and freedom to be who they really are. They felt safe around you and didn’t think twice before saying or doing anything because you embraced them with all their flaws. You didn’t ask them to change, you were a good listener and tried to understand their point of view and they miss that kind of emotional maturity. You felt like home to them and now they feel homeless. 

Why Your Ex Wants You Back, Based On Your Birth Month

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