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Why Each Zodiac Feels Behind In Life Right Now, According To A Tarot Reader

Why Each Zodiac Feels Behind In Life Right Now, According To A Tarot Reader

Pluto will station retrograde on May 1st, 2023. The planet of changes and incredible transformation will prepare to reenter the sign of Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, and then go direct on October 10th, 2023. At this time, the themes we have dealt with over the last two decades will resurface, presenting us with plenty of opportunities to close chapters. Pluto will switch back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn until November of next year, when it will ingress in Aquarius for good. The song and dance with Pluto switching between both of these Saturnian signs will continue to push us to achieve more growth and do more of the inner work. However, we have experienced these transits already, so we will have more preparation this time around. Pluto wants us to become experts and to succeed in the area where the transformations are happening in our charts. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


Finding your place in the sun comes easier now since Pluto has given you the confidence needed to step into your power. There could be a shift in your career and friendship circles. The changes will be felt once again as Pluto stations retrograde, preparing to reenter the sign of Capricorn. The unresolved themes from the last 18 years will finally conclude. Friendships may end or start over. Work will bring you new insights. You could see changes in your environment where you may have to take on more responsibilities and assume a leadership role, but you are prepared to take on any challenge presented to you.


Climbing to the top will be a recurring theme with this Pluto transit. There is a need to establish a balance between how you give your power and how you can create boundaries. Pluto in Aquarius will transform your ambitions and goals. You will be a lot more driven to accomplish what you desire. As the planet moves back into Capricorn, you will reassess your philosophy and game plan for your career and future. This Pluto transit helps to give you the confidence needed to network and find a muse that can inspire your craft.


Loving yourself and embracing who you are will allow you to feel much more empowered navigating this transit. Pluto in Aquarius will encourage you to step out of your shell and be more in tune with your creative abilities. During this retrograde period, you can understand your strengths and decide to focus on mastery. Pluto Retrograde will allow you to be more patient and introspective to achieve what you want.


Learning and growing are linked to this transit as Pluto in Aquarius has already created the groundwork for you to find your inner warrior. There are a lot of themes that will repeat from the Saturn transit a few years back. However, you have more insight and trust in yourself. The retrograde will allow you to be more comfortable with cutting ties in romantic relationships that don’t serve you as well as finding your independence.


Pluto is transforming your relationships for the next several decades and pushing you to evolve the relationships you have with your partners whether in romantic situations or business. As Pluto stations retrograde, ready to reenter Capricorn, you will see how your dynamic at work changes once more with some surprises. Make sure to stay ahead of your plans and schedules. Success will come easy for you at this time as you begin to get the recognition you deserve. 


Forgiving your past romantic partners could be groundbreaking for you during this transit. As the planet prepares to reenter Capricorn, you understand the need to let go of the past to move forward. If you are single, you could fall into some old patterns with dating, so this transit will allow you to see the harsh truth. However, for established relationships, it could bring a period of excitement and stability, especially with Saturn transiting your house of partnerships.


A transformative transit as Pluto in Aquarius will serve to revamp your romantic life. However, Pluto in Capricorn had you focused on balancing responsibilities with home. You are reminded now to take care of yourself, to be patient, and to forgive yourself. Pluto may bring up some themes from the past, but you have the strength to succeed. Although you may have more responsibilities on your plate, you are prepared to go with the flow.


A very potent aspect for you as Pluto stations retrograde, you are reminded once again to take more action when it comes to your self-expression. Pluto wants you to feel comfortable with your thoughts and words. Do not lose yourself in your thoughts; instead, utilize them to bring more creative ideas the way that can help you transform and heal. Pluto encourages you to research and focus on learning about your favorite topics.


Pluto will show you what you value. The concept of your self-worth is presented with this transit as Pluto heads back into the sign of Capricorn later in the summer. Connecting with yourself once again will enable you to learn to put yourself first. As this transit pushes you to evolve, you must learn to shine unapologetically. Pluto in Aquarius is all about opening doors and new perspectives. During this time, you are going to feel a lot more connected to work and the people around you.


As Pluto prepares to ingress in Capricorn once again, you may evaluate your value system. You will feel the shift the most since it is in your sign. Pluto transformed you and the way you think and present yourself. Now you will see what parts of your independence are challenged and where you need to be more diplomatic. Once Pluto ingresses back in Aquarius, your confidence will be tested, as well as how you view yourself. Remember that you are powerful and unstoppable.


Now that you have had a taste of Pluto in Aquarius, you will see how this transit will shape the next two decades. As Pluto prepares to ingress the sign of Capricorn again, you could feel less stressed and not as pressured with responsibilities. With this transit, you will have enough time to recharge and see how Pluto will bring transformations in the next several decades. You are going through a period where you discover how essential it is to care for and be there for yourself. It is a time to look back at the lessons learned during the Capricorn period to implement them.


The dynamic of your relationships may experience a shift with this transit. Pluto stationing retrograde will allow you to see how valuable certain connections are in your life. It is a time of healing old friendships, and you could even see some new ones forming. You feel more confident making new and more meaningful friendships. Doing the work takes priority for you now as you go back and review your philosophy and establish a solid foundation with your friends. Take pride in what you believe in, as well as your goals and dreams, so that they may flourish when Pluto goes direct and reenters Aquarius.

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