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What Each Zodiac Should Watch This Week (May 15-21)

What Each Zodiac Should Watch This Week (May 15-21)


Aries are well-known for their wicked sense of humor—humor that is entangled with a strong draw to action. Here are a couple of films that capture this intense mix within them.

Hot Fuzz: A pair of police officers investigate the local crime that becomes increasingly violent. Equal parts bloody and funny, this film will quickly gain an Aries’s approval.

The Other Guys: Middle-aged desk-bound cops take on a big case. This hilarious film comes with just enough punches to keep Aries happy. 


A Taurus shows their love and finds comfort through food. Here are a couple of films starring characters that do the same. 

Hundred-Foot Journey: Indian immigrants open a restaurant across from a famous restaurant in France. The family quickly meets racist resistance from the locals. The proprietor of each establishment eventually gains respect for each other in this love story that will make any Taurus happy.

Julie and Julia: Working a dead-end and depressing job, a woman finds solace and excitement in Julia Child’s cookbook. This excitement for food is easily understood by a Taurus.


A Gemini is represented by two people fused together by stars. Many films are led by twins, so here are a couple of options.

Hello Brother: A set of twins grow up to live very opposite lives when one is abducted and forced to live the life of a criminal. This film shows that twins can be very different from each other, just like the two sides that make up a Gemini. 

Dead Ringers: Twin gynecologists share their work and even their love life. The twins in this film are so close that they may as well be fused together like the constellation of Gemini. 


Cancers love, and even need, to nurture. These films showcase the challenges of mothering that Cancers can relate to. 

Tully: A mother raises her children through a postpartum fog that her new night nanny helps clear. This mother knows the burdens of caretaking, something all Cancers know well.

Mother!: A woman cares for a poet and their crumbling home amid chaos—an impossibly large care-taking mission that many Cancers also face.


Leos love attention. With attention comes drama. Leo’s are ultra-dramatic in their day-to-day life, so why not watch a film that represents these extremes? 

Cry Baby: This musical follows a group of well-dressed and ultra-emotional teen delinquents. Only a Leo can manage to pull off this level of drama.

Showgirls: A group of friends are torn apart as they rise to fame. A Leo’s need for all eyes to be on them can only truly be understood through biopics of stardom.


Virgos are meticulous people that seek complete control over themselves and their image. Here are a couple of films that show the impossible task of trying to attain perfection.  

Black Swan: After getting a starring role in a ballet, a dancer practices past the point of perfection and into a mental breakdown. This is a path that many Virgos have walked.

Death Note: A hyper-intelligent young man harnesses the power to kill people by writing their names in a magical notebook. His meticulous calculations on how to control this power can only be matched by a Virgo. 


Libra is one of the most fashionable of the signs. Here are some fashion films that they will love and maybe even take inspiration from.

Funny Face: A bookstore clerk-turned-model falls in love with a photographer while modeling in Paris. A connection formed through fashion and beauty is the perfect ode to the Venetian Libra.

The Devil Wears Prada: New to the fashion world, Andy struggles to keep up with the chief editor of a fashion magazine. By the end of the film, Andy would make any Libra proud.


Scorpios are masters of revenge. Here are a few films that may inspire their already masterful mind.

Hard Candy: A young woman lures a pedophilic photographer into her trap. Her dedication and careful planning perfectly match a Scorpio’s. 

Promising Young Woman: A woman plots to take vengeance on the men who assaulted her late best friend. She spins a web of deception so immaculate that it must have been woven by a Scorpio. 


If you cut open a Sagittarius, you’d find an abundance of optimism. They also burst with the absolute need to travel. Here are some films that perfectly mix the two.

Little Miss Sunshine: An unconventional young beauty and her family travel to compete in a pageant. Through bleak moments, you’ll find yourself smiling in the face of harsh realities like a true Sagittarius.

Under The Tuscan Sun: A European Tour pull’s a woman out of her deep depression. This antidote (vacation) is often used by a Sagittarius. 


Capricorns are focused on financial success and building wealth. These films exploit the fun of wealth and also the burden that riches bring.

Arthur: Witness a rich New York City playboy through the eyes of their love interest. Arthur discovers what most Capricorns do: that it’s lonely at the top.

The Great Gatsby: A millionaire throws lavish parties while yearning for the woman across the river from his home. Dear Capricorn, there are some things that money can’t buy.


At Aquarius’s core, they seek to help humanity in any way they can. Here are some movies that exemplify Aquarian altruism. 

Bruce Almighty: A dissatisfied journalist is blessed and cursed with limitless power to fix his life. Though he discovers something an Aquarius already knows, it is more valuable to help others. 

The Nun’s Story: An upper-class woman becomes a nun who works on missionary trips in the Congo. Trading wealth and comfort for the betterment of others is the Aquarius way. 


Mentally, Pisces lives in a world of fantastical romance. A kind of love that can only be represented on screen. 

The Shape of Water: A cleaning lady working in a high-security lab falls in love with its test subject. The heart of a Pisces could truly look past any scaly creature and jump into its tank.  

Edward Scissorhands: A lab-created human with scissors for hands falls for a woman in Suburbia. When she falls back, a very Piscian tragic love story takes place.

What Each Zodiac Should Watch This Week (May 15-21)

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