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The 5 Most Stylish Signs in The Zodiac

The 5 Most Stylish Signs in The Zodiac


In fashion, this earth sign will always be wearing the latest trends. Typically privileged in growing up around luxury, you’ll never catch Taurus in a simple t-shirt and jean look — unless it’s designer. They love arranging capsule wardrobes for each season and owning basic tops and bottoms to layer every outfit they wear. These signs love a lot of solid color pieces. From trench coats to their suede leather boots, any ounce of accents you see will usually be pretty minimalistic.


No one is more of an obvious pick on this list than a Leo. With their already vibrant and bright personalities, how could they not own the most fabulous clothes in their wardrobe? These signs love anything with a pattern that’ll make them stand out. They love their bold colors and designer brands. High-end fashion makes them excited, as there’s just something about its quality that elevates their style.


Libras are the definition of dressing to impress. They’re known to care about their appearance, so they typically invest a lot of time and money in it. They love designer brands as much as Leo but won’t mind shopping for a bargain as long as they still look good. Their style has a lot of pastel colors in it, with pink as a favorite. These signs like to embrace their femininity. So, they’ve got a very classy wardrobe.


Though vanity is less of an interest, Pisces is still one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. That’s where their style comes from. These signs like to experiment with different print, aesthetics, or look. So, they’re the ones who are more than comfortable wearing a different outfit than everyone else. Their style is dreamy and a bit fairytale-like.


Aquarius is the trendsetter of the zodiac. They are the most unique sign that doesn’t like to play by the rules. They’re the type to make inside-out shirts look fantastic and laced nightgowns as something classy. They’re as creative as Pisces and style-oriented as their polar opposite, Leo. But when it comes to fashion, they are in their own element. Don’t be surprised if you find a lot of unique necklaces or shoes in your wardrobe.

The 5 Most Stylish Signs in The Zodiac

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