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5 Zodiacs Who Will Feel The Guiltiest About Cheating

5 Zodiacs Who Will Feel The Guiltiest About Cheating

My twisty new thriller, The Guilty Twin, follows two women in their twenties who are plagued with guilt over the lies they’ve told and the mistakes they’ve made. In honor of it becoming available for pre-order, here are the zodiacs who will feel the guiltiest about cheating. (Keep in mind, the zodiacs listed below aren’t any more or less likely to cheat than others. But if they do happen to cheat, they’re going to feel the guiltiest about it.)


Cancers never want to cause their loved ones any pain. In fact, they work their hardest to protect their loved ones from pain, to make sure that they never experience any hardships. If this sign somehow ends up cheating, they’re going to immediately regret it. They aren’t going to be able to live with themselves because they broke their number one rule — never hurt your person. Cancers are sensitive and sentimental, so the lies and the secrets are going to eat them alive.


Leos are all about loyalty. This is the number one trait they’re looking for in a partner, so if they end up being hypocritical and cheating on their person, they are going to feel awful about it. They are going to feel like the worst partner in the world. Whether they admit what they did or keep it a secret, they are going to have trouble looking their person in the eyes. They are going to have trouble accepting love from someone when they feel like they don’t deserve it.


Virgos hold themselves to a high standard, which is why they stress over every little mistake they make. And cheating is a pretty massive mistake. If this sign ends up cheating on you, they probably won’t be able to keep it inside for long. They are going to feel horrible about putting you through this type of betrayal and will start overthinking every choice that has brought them to this point. They will replay their past over and over again, wondering how on earth they could hurt someone who means so much to them.


Sagittarius are brutally honest, so it’s hard for them to keep quiet about anything, even their deepest darkest secrets. If they end up cheating on you, they’ll be tempted to tell you — or they will blurt it out without realizing. This sign cannot stand secrets and lies, so cheating is going to stress them out. It’s going to make them lose sleep and make them start hating themselves. Even if cheating initially gave them a confidence boost, it will eventually make them feel even more insecure than they did before.


Pisces are one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, so they are never going to forgive themselves for cheating. Hurting their partner is unforgivable in their eyes. They are going to feel like a terrible person, especially once they see how much their cheating impacted you. The last thing this sign wants is to see their partner cry, so watching the consequences unfold in front of their eyes will be too much to handle. It’s going to make them feel the worse than if they got cheated on themselves.

Remember, just because a cheater feels bad about cheating doesn’t mean you should take them back. You can forgive them while still keeping your distance from them.

5 Zodiacs Who Will Feel The Guiltiest About Cheating

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