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5 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Clingy Partners

5 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Clingy Partners

Some zodiacs are going to get scared away when their partner acts too clingy — but other signs are going to enjoy the attention. They’re going to be happy that they’re dating someone so honest and upfront about their emotions. It’s not a turn-off to them. It’s actually a positive thing. Here are some zodiacs who tend to prefer clingy partners who want to be with them all the time:


Even though Leos love their space, independence, and freedom, they also want to be admired. They want to know their partner is interested in them and only them. They like the chase – as long as they’re the one being pursued. If their partner ends up sending a lot of texts to check in and won’t stop dropping compliments, they won’t see this as a bad sign. They’ll enjoy the attention. The more, the merrier.


Cancers want to be wanted. It gives them a sense of purpose. They love to take care of others, which is why they are perfectly fine with dating people who are seen as clingy. After all, Cancers are romantics. They want to be around their partner as much as possible. They are happy to spend quality time together. In their eyes, being around each other a bunch will make the relationship stronger, not weaker.


Capricorns are homebodies. Although they love their alone time and have big career dreams that they aren’t going to give up for a relationship, they don’t really mind clingy partners. After all, in their free time, they love the idea of staying at home and hanging out with their person on the couch. They won’t fault someone for wanting to spend time together, wanting to talk on the phone, or wanting to be reassured with compliments. They want that, too.


Scorpios are surprisingly possessive of their partners. Once they find someone who matters to them, they won’t want to let go. They will want to spend as much time together as possible so they aren’t missing out on a single second together. Plus, this sign gets jealous easily, so they don’t mind having a partner who is clingy. Honestly, it’s a relief because they won’t be the only one who is constantly sending texts and asking to hang out. They’ll be on the same page, which is important for a relationship to work.


Libras don’t love being alone for long stretches of time. Even spending a few hours alone can make them feel restless. They would much rather hang out in groups or spend time with someone special one-on-one. Since they prefer to keep their schedules filled, having a clingy partner can actually be fun for them. It means they’re never going to get bored or lonely. They’re always going to have someone willing to hang out with them. Libras want more than a lover. They want a best friend too, so if this person is excited to hang out with them as much as possible, it’s a good thing in their book.

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