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4 Zodiacs Whose Confidence Will Bloom in May 2023

4 Zodiacs Whose Confidence Will Bloom in May 2023


People would be shocked, to learn your confidence could bloom even further, Leo, but what they don’t realize is that most of what they see in public is false bravado. You second guess yourself, and your relationships constantly. You put on a smile and make small talk with people you really don’t care for, and the experience makes you question who is doing the same thing with you. You’re overwhelmed by the unspoken social etiquettes you follow to a T, and long for something more casual and reliable. You envy those people who have one best friend they do everything with, while you struggle to manage your calendar of outings and obligations. This month, you throw caution to the wind, knowing something’s got to give. Maybe you don’t have to try so hard with the people who don’t matter. Maybe you don’t have to fake it. The less you do, the more confident you’ll feel that your interactions are genuine, as are your relationships.


There are so many areas where you exude confidence to the outside world, Sagittarius. You’re not afraid to be put on the spot, to speak in front of others, or to try something new. But you lack personal confidence. You sometimes feel it’s too late for good things to happen to you. The thing that terrifies you most isn’t failing, it’s succeeding. You are terrified of getting the things you want, of finding love, traveling the world, and finding the perfect job. Disappointment is easier because it’s the devil you know. Success seems so impossible and unknown that you’d rather not find out if it’s as good as you hope it will be. But this month you finally tire of this approach. You feel whatever time you have left running out, an exaggeration at best, but it’s the impetus you’ve been needing to make a move, make a choice, make a change. Once you see yourself as deserving of a chance, you will be surprised at how quickly others do too.


You’re shy, Capricorn, and always getting bulldozed by the “pick me” people. The people who talk at every meeting just to hear themselves, the people who need to tell their story first and longest at brunch, the people who need to be flirted with before anyone else can at the bar. You never speak up or try to compete because you’re so put off by the entire process. It’s all so blatantly needy and disingenuous to you, and you are the antithesis of trying too hard. But this month, you stop letting these people and situations make you smaller or quieter or anything less than your full authentic self. Someone else being too much doesn’t mean you need to be too little. Speak up, raise your hand, tell your story, let that stranger buy you a drink without any hesitation. Show the world that there is a more desirable alternative, that the supposed dichotomy between “pick me” culture and silence is a false one. You outclass it all by far.


You feel small, Aquarius because you move in such big arenas and deal with topics that affect millions of people in this country and our world. Your lack of confidence comes from your doubt that a single person can make a difference. You doubt yourself because you doubt the system. No matter how qualified or experienced you become, you always see the next challenge ahead as a behemoth, something you feel no one can take on alone. This month your confidence blooms when you shift your perspective. Instead of looking at your individual contribution as futile, you will see it as part of a larger whole. When you keep in mind the hundreds or thousands of other people all working towards the same goal you are, and how those contributions carry more impact as a whole, you will see just how necessary they are. It’s normal to get a little jaded as flaws are exposed to us, but don’t let a few chinks in your armor keep you out of the fight. You have important work to do.

4 Zodiacs Whose Confidence Will Bloom in May

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