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4 Zodiacs Who Take Rejection The Hardest

4 Zodiacs Who Take Rejection The Hardest

Some zodiacs have hearts made of stone. Even when they get brutally rejected, they are able to deal with the fallout without too much struggle. But other signs dwell on rejection and heartbreak for months, maybe even years, before they’re able to say they’re over it. They have a rough time getting over exes and almosts and old flames. Here are some zodiacs who take heartache and rejection hard:

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Cancers are romantics who want to dedicate their life to that one special someone. Whenever they end up in a relationship, they have hope that this is their last relationship, that this relationship will endure anything and everything that is thrown at them. So when the realization hits that this person isn’t end game, it can be hard to stomach. It’s upsetting to admit that they spent so much time and energy on the wrong heart, that the future they’ve dreamed of living out is never going to become a reality. Even though Cancers want what’s best for their exes, they have a hard time letting go of them. They might remain in denial for a while before finally accepting that this person is gone and isn’t coming back.


Pisces are optimists who genuinely believe that every relationship they enter has the potential to last a lifetime. So when they’re turned down or broken up with by someone special, they aren’t sure how to handle the surge of emotions. This sign is sensitive, so they take everything to heart. They don’t know how to let bad times roll off their back. They’re going to dwell on what happened by replaying memories on a loop, listening to sad love songs, and flicking through old text messages and photographs. Pisces cling onto the people they love because they don’t want to let go. They don’t want to admit that the love story is over. It takes them a while to decide that moving on is even something they’re interested in doing.

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Taurus are overthinkers, so they aren’t going to be able to forget about someone after saying goodbye. This person is going to linger in their mind for days, weeks, or months on end. This sign is going to stay up late, questioning whether they could have done something differently or whether the relationship was doomed to fail from the start. They’re going to have moments of self-doubt and self-hatred where they worry that they pushed this person away and it’s their own fault that they’re all alone (which is not true). Even though a Taurus will always bounce back from heartache, it will take time. It will take effort. It never happens overnight.


Scorpios like to pretend that they’re heartless. They act like nothing bothers them and they are unbreakable. But they are surprisingly sensitive. That’s why they push others away at times — to hurt them before they can get hurt themselves. When a Scorpio goes through heartbreak, they will consider swearing off of love for good. They will want to isolate themselves to prevent another heartbreak from happening. They have so much trouble getting over old loves that they aren’t sure whether they have it in them to love again. But they do. They do.

4 Zodiacs Who Take Rejection The Hardest

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