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4 Zodiacs Who Should Cut Out Their Toxic Friend This Week (May 1 – 7)

4 Zodiacs Who Should Cut Out Their Toxic Friend This Week (May 1 – 7)


The excuse you give for why you haven’t cut them off yet? “Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect.” Sure, that’s true. But there’s a wide gulf between someone having a few flaws and someone trying to bring everyone down around them. If your “friend” is making you feel like shit every time you hang out, is it really worth keeping them around? Don’t forget about your own health and happiness in this scenario. They can always go be “flawed” somewhere else.


You’re always giving people the benefit of the doubt, making excuses for them every time they do something to hurt you. If they talk shit about you to other friends or tell you how stupid you are, you chalk it up to their bad day or their traumatic upbringing. Despite how badly they treat you, you always feel like it’d somehow make you worse if you cut them off–like no matter what they do, “abandoning” them is the true cardinal sin. Honey, no. Start putting yourself first this week by weeding out the people who treat you lesser than.


While you’re normally pretty good about cutting people out of your life, it becomes a lot harder for you when you’ve gone through something monumental with them. If you both survived a traumatic experience or they helped you through a tumultuous time in your life, you might feel like there’s an unbreakable kinship there. Those types of toxic friendships are a lot easier to break because of the history that ties you together. While it might be difficult to even fathom, use this week to evaluate how they’re treating you now, and not their worth as a friend throughout your lives. You can always rekindle the friendship later if they grow and change.


Honestly, cutting out toxic friends is rarely a subject that even crosses your mind. For you, friends are like family, and the love you have for them is unconditional. The unfortunate thing about toxic friends is that the sentiment is rarely returned in kind. If they had unconditional love for you, they wouldn’t treat you the way they do. This week, start thinking about how you would treat them. You could think of it like the reverse of “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Only accept treatment that you would give in kind.

4 Zodiacs Who Should Cut Out Their Toxic Friend This Week (May 1 – 7)

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