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4 Zodiacs Who Replay Embarrassing Moments In Their Head At Night

4 Zodiacs Who Replay Embarrassing Moments In Their Head At Night


Taurus, you’re an overthinker. You have trouble forgiving yourself after you’ve made a mistake and moving on. Instead of reminding yourself that everyone does embarrassing things sometimes and it’s no big deal, you will punish yourself by replaying this moment in your head over and over again. You’ll run through all the scenarios of what you could have done instead and how you should have handled the situation. And you’ll wonder what everyone else around you was thinking and convinces yourself that they hate you or think you’re a weirdo. But you need to remember the voice in your head is your fear, not your truth. You’re more worried about whatever happened than anyone else is. They’ve probably forgotten all about it by now if they even noticed in the first place.

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Cancer, you are way too hard on yourself. You would never breathe a bad word about your family members, friends, or even strangers on the street because you have such a kind heart. But when it comes to yourself, all bets are off. You say the harshest things to the person in the mirror, things you would never even think about anyone else — and that needs to change. You can’t keep replaying your worst moments in your head, convincing yourself that you are annoying or useless, or unworthy of love. None of those insults are true. No one else is thinking of you as horribly as you’re thinking about yourself. And if they somehow are, they certainly don’t deserve a spot in your world.


Virgo, you are a perfectionist, so whenever you make the tiniest error, you will be thinking about it for weeks. Especially if other people were around to witness your ‘failures’ because you want the world to see you as strong and capable. Whenever you fall short of your own expectations, you will have trouble falling asleep because you’re angry with yourself. You expected more from yourself. However, you need to be more gentle with yourself. You won’t always get it right, and that’s okay. It’s better to have a learning experience. It gives you a chance to grow. So don’t stop yourself from trying in the future because you’re scared of embarrassing yourself. Don’t take fewer chances.

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Aquarius, some people assume you’re immune to embarrassment because you never show it in public. However, when you’re in bed at night with nothing else to do except think, that’s when you start to panic. That’s when you let your mind wander and focus on all the things you wish you could have done differently. You won’t admit it out loud, but you’re just as concerned with appearances as anybody else. You want to be loved. You want to look strong and put together. And when you feel like you’ve looked silly, you’re going to struggle to get to sleep that night.

4 Zodiacs Who Replay Embarrassing Moments In Their Head At Night

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