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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Feeling Extra Insecure This May 2023

4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Feeling Extra Insecure This May 2023

Self-love is a forever process. Even if you’ve been putting active effort into loving yourself and treating yourself with respect, there are still going to be rough days from time to time. Days when you aren’t feeling you're most confident and need a pep talk to remember how wonderful you are inside and out. Here are the zodiacs who have been feeling extra insecure this May and need to remember their worth:


You’ve been feeling extra insecure lately because you haven’t received enough positive attention from a certain someone. They haven’t been giving you the reaction that you were hoping to receive. But you need to remember that your worth comes from within, not from others. Although validation is nice and there’s nothing wrong with craving compliments and attention, you need to remember it doesn’t matter what a certain someone thinks of you. If they cannot see your worth, there are plenty of others who will when given the chance. You can’t allow yourself to get too wrapped up in the idea of one person because it’s dangerous to put your happiness and sense of worth entirely in their hands.


Leo, you’re usually brimming with confidence, but some of it is fake. Sometimes, you pretend to be happier with yourself than you are in reality. And his month, you feel like you’ve had to do a lot of pretending. Your insecurities have been bubbling to the surface more and more because you’ve been under an incredible amount of stress. You are letting your circumstances get the best of you, but you need to remember that your worth doesn’t fluctuate based on your relationship status or how much money you make or how quickly you buy a house, get a promotion, etc. Your confidence will return soon, but only if you make space for it.


Sagittarius, you like to deflect with humor in order to avoid talking about your problems. But lately, you’re finding it harder and harder to stay lighthearted. You’ve been feeling down on yourself, but you need to remember this feeling isn’t going to last forever. You’re going to get through it and feel okay again. Until then, it’s okay to be emotional — but don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be your own worst enemy. You deserve so much better than that, from others and from yourself.


Capricorn, normally you’re pretty confident because you know you have a good head on your shoulders. You trust that you can handle whatever this world throws at you. However, you’ve been feeling a little insecure this month because you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life. You’re starting to doubt yourself. You’re starting to question whether you’re as smart as you always thought you were. But you can’t allow these fears to stop you. Keep charging toward your dreams because you’re going to work out whatever problems you’re currently facing. You’re going to get through this tough time. And when you come out the other side, things will start to feel more clear.

4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Feeling Extra Insecure This May 2023

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