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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Regret Leaving Their Exes

 4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Regret Leaving Their Exes

Some zodiacs spend a lot of time daydreaming about their exes and wishing things turned out differently. But other zodiacs barely think of their exes at all. Even when they do, there aren’t any regrets about walking away. Here are some zodiacs who have approximately zero regrets about leaving their exes:


Aries feel their emotions intensely, so the first few days after a breakup are rough. However, they usually move on from their exes quicker than they expect. After all, they like to live life spontaneously and focus much more on the present moment or the future in front of them than a past that is over and done with. Of course, this sign is not immune to heartbreak. They’re not monsters. They’re going to shed a lot of tears over their ex, sometimes long after the breakup occurred. But they can be upset about losing someone while understanding that losing them was absolutely the right thing.


Virgos are willing to do anything to make a relationship last. They aren’t going to give up on someone unless there’s no other option. Unless it’s clear that they aren’t meant to be together and no amount of work could fix their problems. Virgos are overthinkers, so they’ll definitely spend some time mourning their old loves. But no matter how emotional this sign might get about their past relationships, there won’t be any regrets. How could there be? They did everything within their power to make the relationship work, but it still ended. The breakup was beyond their control. It was what had to happen.


Scorpios are world-class grudge-holders. Once someone betrays them, this sign is going to go no contact. They are going to delete your number and block you on every social media account in order to protect their peace and keep you at a distance. Scorpios will have no regrets about the breakup, but they might have regrets about the relationship. They might regret trusting the wrong person. They might regret investing so much time and energy into you when you weren’t worth it in the end. But they won’t regret walking away from this person to find someone who fits them better. They won’t regret wanting more.


Capricorns only get attached to a few select people. They are incredibly loyal, so breakups always hit them hard. They have trouble getting used to being single again after assuming this person was going to be with them forever. However, Capricorns are a logical sign, and logically they know that it’s better to be single than stuck in a relationship that isn’t working. While they might spend a lot of time upset over their exes, they aren’t going to regret prioritizing themselves. They aren’t going to regret their refusal to settle. They aren’t going to regret the fact that they let someone bad for them go. Although the breakup won’t be easy to endure, they will be proud of themselves for making the right decision, not the easy decision.

4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Regret Leaving Their Exes

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