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4 Birth Months Who Send Mixed Signals When Flirting

4 Birth Months Who Send Mixed Signals When Flirting


People born in February can come across as cold if they’re not careful. After all, they try not to let their emotions show on their face. They try not to be too obvious about the thoughts that are running through their mind and hold their cards close to their chest. Even though they are warm and friendly once you get to know them, they are going to be careful when you’re strangers. They don’t want to open up to the wrong people and get hurt. They protect their hearts as best as they can, for as long as they can. Even when people born in February like you, it can be hard to tell because they aren’t going to grow too attached to you. They might fawn over you one day, but they will keep their distance the next day. It’s not to intentionally confuse you. It’s to stop themselves from caring about you too much.


People born in April are impulsive, so they are going to say whatever is on their mind in the moment. That means, when they’re in flirting mode, they are going to drop a million compliments. They’re going to make it super obvious they’re attracted to you. However, they lead busy lives so you won’t always be at the front of their mind. On the days when they’re working toward big goals, they might treat you like you’re invisible, which can be confusing. It can make it feel like you’re not a priority. But they have so many priorities. Until you’re officially dating, they probably won’t be able to answer your messages within seconds all the time.


People born in June are extra careful about making big decisions–like entering a committed relationship. They might act like they’re interested in you one day, then put distance between you the next day because they aren’t entirely sure about whether they want to be with you and don’t want to lead you on. They’re actually trying to save you some trouble and protect your heart, but they could accidentally be hurting it instead. They’re simply trying to work out whether you would be a good partner or whether they’re better off alone right now. It isn’t your fault they’re acting like this–but you have to determine whether or not you’re willing to deal with the behavior if they’re taking forever to make their decision.


People born during December enjoy flirting. They have fun with it. So it can be difficult to tell whether they’re being flirtatious or friendly, whether they’re treating you special or act like this with everyone. Since they don’t take themselves too seriously and like to fool around, it can be hard to get a straight answer out of them even when you ask them about their feelings. They like to deflect and use sarcasm in order to protect their heart, so you might never know where they stand. You might have trouble determining whether they want you too or whether they’re only having a good time with you.

4 Birth Months Who Send Mixed Signals When Flirting

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