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3 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Mysterious Partners

3 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Mysterious Partners

Most zodiacs cannot stand mixed signals. They want to know exactly where the other person stands and hear the other person’s whole life story on the first few dates. They don’t want any secrets to exist from day one because they want to know each other completely. However, not everyone feels this way. Here are some zodiacs who actually prefer mysterious partners — at least, to a certain extent:


Scorpios don’t want to deal with lies or mixed signals — but they are okay with the idea of taking things slow. They don’t need you to reveal everything about yourself early on. They aren’t open books either, so they are perfectly fine with you waiting to tell them your biggest secrets, fears, hopes, and dreams for the future. Scorpios don’t mind getting to know the basics about you, then slowly revealing bit by bit as the relationship progresses. A little mystery intrigues them. It keeps them interested during the puppy love phase. Of course, once you’re far into the relationship, they won’t be thrilled about you hiding anything from them. They will want to be kept in the loop without having to ask. They will want to know every little thing about you in order to feel comfortable.


Leos are complicated because they want you to chase after them — but they also love the chase too. They love a good challenge. So they’re okay with needing to impress you too, with slowly getting to learn bits and pieces about you instead of automatically hearing you blurt it out the first day you meet. They don’t want the relationship to progress too quickly because they want to cherish every moment of it. They want to make the beginning stages, where you’re getting to know each other, last. As long as you aren’t lying straight to their face or holding back secrets that they really should know upfront, then they’re okay with some mystery. When they uncover more about you, it feels like a privilege, like they’re one of the rare people who actually know you on a deep level.  


Aquarius isn’t going to open up to you as soon as they meet you. They are going to hold the most important stuff back until they determine whether you are worth trusting — so it would be hypocritical of them to expect you to open up right away. They are happy with a little mystery because it keeps the relationship exciting — and it keeps the pressure off of them to reveal all their secrets quickly. This sign would rather move at a gradual pace. They don’t need all their cards on the table right away. They want to slowly get to know each other and learn whether you’re compatible before they’re going to tell you about their past, their baggage, and anything else that hurts to discuss. Once they’re confident you’re sticking around, then they’ll want the mystery to go away and the full transparency to start.

3 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Mysterious Partners

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