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Your Worst/Best Habit, Based On Your Birth Order

Your Worst/Best Habit, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Children

You’re a natural leader who is independent and ambitious. You’re able to take care of yourself, so you never rely on other people to make you happy. You are able to find happiness on your own. You’ve never hesitated to work hard and will do whatever it takes to reach your own personal best. Whether you succeed or fail, you’re always giving one hundred percent. However, you have a selfish side and occasionally have trouble compromising. You prefer to have things your way because you’re used to being on your own and making all the decisions. You’re used to being the boss and aren’t interested in taking orders.

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Oldest Children

You’re structured, mature, and reliable. You are the type of person everyone can count on because you always have a plan, you always follow through on promises, and you are always willing to do the hard work. However, you can be cautious and controlling. You will hesitate to take risks because you’re scared of failure. And when things do go wrong, you’re way too hard on yourself. You hold yourself to a high standard that’s impossible to reach, so you always end up disappointed with yourself.

Middle Children

You’re laidback and go with the flow. It’s easy for you to make friends everywhere you go because you get along with everyone. And whenever there’s a problem, you are the peacemaker of the group. You encourage everyone to get along and see the strengths in each other instead of focusing on weaknesses. However, you’re a people-pleaser who pays too much attention to what everyone else wants. You rarely think about what makes you happy because you’re too busy providing for others and keeping them entertained. You spend a lot of time secretly unhappy, even though you look fine on the surface, because you’re putting more care into other people than yourself.

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Youngest Children

You’re charming, outgoing, and adventurous. You’re always up for trying new things because you never let fear stand in your way. You’re the type of person who will say yes to anything once. You want to experience everything this world has to offer. However, you can be self-centered and attention hungry at times. You like when the focus is on you and get jealous easily. Even though you’ll act like you’re happy for others when they find love or reach success, a part of you will be wondering why they are getting these things instead of you. You commonly feel like life is a competition, even though you know it’s an unhealthy way to think.


You’re excellent when it comes to listening and sharing. You pay close attention when other people speak because you genuinely care what they have to say. You’re also creative and are constantly coming up with smart, inventive ways to entertain yourself and to succeed in your chosen career. However, you can have issues with privacy. You never want to be alone and never want to keep your emotions to yourself, so you tell everyone how you’re feeling and want someone sitting beside you 24/7. Some people consider you overly clingy because of this, but really, you just get attached easily.

Your Worst/Best Habit, Based On Your Birth Order

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