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What These 6 Zodiac Duos Can Learn From Each Other If They Just Got Along

What These 6 Zodiac Duos Can Learn From Each Other If They Just Got Along

Aries + Capricorn

This fire and earth pairing could successfully take over the world if they wanted to, but only if they were ever on the same page. Hot-headed Aries believe in living life to the fullest, whereas reserved Capricorns would see if there were enough funds for that in the first place. There’s a lot that these signs can learn from each other. The earth sign teaches the ram discipline and how to finish the things they start, whereas Aries teaches the goat some more ropes in optimism and allowing themselves to live a little more.

Pisces + Gemini 

These two could create multiple works of art, if only they could decide where to start. Dreamy Pisces is very in tune with their emotions, whereas brainiac Gemini would be more likely to power through everything on their summer reading list than even think about how they feel. In another world, this air sign could teach the fish to step out of their fantasies and embrace the things everyday life offers. On the other hand, the water sign teaches these twins all there is to know about emotional intelligence.

Leo + Scorpio

Emotionally, these two get each other—to an extent. Vivacious Leo is a bright light, whereas emotionally driven Scorpio would rather pay more attention to what’s really behind life’s bed of roses. In an alternate universe, these two would be lifelong friends. Leo would chisel out a bit of Scorpio’s pessimism, and Scorpio could be someone that reminds Leo to be less afraid of how they truly feel.

Aries + Cancer

Like the two above, Aries and Cancer have that nurturing fire and water energy that can touch the matters of the heart. But Aries lacks a filter, while Cancer is highly sensitive. If they could work it out, Cancer could calm the fire sign’s temper by teaching them to process their emotions in a proper way. Aries could also teach Cancer to be more assertive and how to care less of what others think.

Libra + Capricorn

In another world, these two would mentally stimulate each other. But with Capricorn’s need for practicality and Libra’s desire for constant social interaction, they’ll always hit a wall with their connection. Capricorn can be a workaholic, whereas Libra would balance their jobs by seeing their friends regularly. If these two got along, Libra could teach the Earth sign how to have the perfect work-life balance. Capricorn could also show the air sign a thing or two of how great it feels to set a goal and eventually reach it.

Scorpio + Aquarius

If they could agree on one thing, these two could lead a powerful protest together. Aquarius cares a lot about people but lacks that emotional depth, while Scorpio is in tune with its feelings but often needs time alone. In another universe, these two could be great friends. The water sign could teach the air sign about the art of intimacy and the importance of giving it all you’ve got in relationships, whereas Aquarius could teach the scorpion the beauty of being who you are as you are.

What These 6 Zodiac Duos Can Learn From Each Other If They Just Got AlongWhat These 6 Zodiac Duos Can Learn From Each Other If They Just Got Along

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