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What “girl in red” Song You Are, According To Your Zodiac

What “girl in red” Song You Are, According To Your Zodiac

Ever wondered which girl in red song matches your zodiac sign? Cause’ that thought popped into my head today and I wrote you this article.

For those who don’t know, girl in red is the indie-pop sensation Marie Ulven Ringheim, who’s been taking the music world by storm with her raw, honest, and relatable tunes. This Norwegian singer-songwriter is the best and if you haven’t heard of her, this article will make no sense, so go listen to her music first and come back in a few months and read it.


Aries is known for being impulsive and audacious. Hence “bad idea!” is the perfect song for Aries and the Aries season. As a fire sign ruled by Mars, Aries individuals are often spontaneous, and eager to test new worlds. And the song lyrics capture this radical jump into the unknown so well: It was a bad idea / Calling you up / Was such a bad idea / It was a bad idea / To think I could stop / Was such a bad idea I can’t get enough.


For Taurus, let’s go back to one of the earliest songs from girl in red and her EP “chapter 1” — if you were thinking the song, “i wanna be your girlfriend” that is exactly what I was thinking for Taurus, too. The lyrics speak perfectly to their longing for physical touch, accented by strong beautiful moments. The song burns with that Taurus energy for deep stability in the relationship and also has echoes of their more toxic traits of being super possessive.


dead girl in the pool” is a song that very artfully highlights and showcases Gemini’s dual nature. When asked in an interview about the song, Marie said: “it’s kind of about feelings of anxiety and questioning your identity.” Which is a very Gemini thing.


What is the most vulnerable sign of all 12 zodiac signs? Probably Cancer; though maybe Pisces, so this song would work well for them, too. But “midnight love” is a perfect anthem for Cancer, always opening themselves up to love and having the texture to deal with the highs and low of it all.

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Okay, for Leo, I can think of two really good songs for you. But I’ll leave one of them hanging and just give you “You Stupid B*tch” as your song. This is because Leo’s are always that fiercely loyal person that will tell you exactly what is up. Consider the lyrics:

You let the wrong people love you
But you don’t see that, do you?
When you cry and need my comfort
I drop everything to come over

Right? This is my job of Leo to tell you this stuff.


Ah, “watch you sleep” one of my favorite slow jams from Marie Ringheim; so soft and so gentle of a song. And perfect for the Virgo in your life — this song is about noticing all the beautiful details of someone and expressing your deepest care for them. Love you Virgo — hope I can love as well as you do someday.


For you lovely Libras out there, I’m picking girl in red’s “Rue” as your jam. This tune talks about seeking balance and understanding in relationships, which is totally your thing. Oh, I will make it work, I’ll make it work!


Alright, Scorpio, just so you know, that’s my sign, you’re getting girl in red’s banger “Serotonin” as your song. Scorpios can be whirlwinds of emotions, and this wild track captures that perfectly. And yeah, sometimes you can be kinda toxic (and scary). But also just like this song, you somehow can be uplifting and fun about it.

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“girls” by girl in red can be connected to Sagittarius through the open-minded perspective and fearless/adventurous embodiment of the lyrics. Even if you aren’t coming out, this is a song that emboldens us all to discover our true identify and then jump into it cause what else are we going do? Lie about ourselves for the rest of our life? No way.


“we fell in love in october” illustrates Capricorn’s determination, patience, and steadfast nature through its portrayal of a blossoming romance. The lyrics emphasize the appreciation of simple moments and shared experiences, which aligns with Capricorn’s pragmatic and grounded approach to relationships. The repetition of “my girl, my girl, my girl” and “you will be my world” conveys a strong sense of commitment and loyalty. Congrats Capricorn, you’re one of the most streamed Spotify songs ever from girl in red.


“Bad Idea!” reflects Aquarius’s penchant for challenging norms and embracing uniqueness. The song’s unapologetic honesty showcases the Aquarian trait of valuing individuality and pursuing the unconventional, even though it’s just about toxic relationships, lol.


The song “4am” portrays Pisces‘ dreamy, intuitive, and emotional mental landscape in a beautiful and haunting way. The lyric “I’m thinking too much again” is 100% somewhere in your journal if you’re a Pisces.

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