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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Taurus

What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Taurus

Mercury will enter the sign of Taurus on April 3rd, 2023. What makes this transit so important is that the planet of communication will retrograde on April 21st, 2023 and direct on May 14th, 2023. The planet will stay in the sign of Taurus until June 11th, 2023. Mercury will make a positive aspect to both Mars and Saturn, allowing us to create and not feel stagnant during this transit. Creative energy will be brewing as Mercury in Taurus comes to contact with Uranus in Taurus activating a period of innovation and excitement. We could experience joy, excitement, and the prospect of love as Taurus season closes in. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

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Increased love and self-esteem could bring you happiness during this transit. Speak words of love to yourself to activate the Venusian energy from Taurus. You are bringing more perspective into your world and could even feel empowered to communicate more with your partner. With this transit, you are about growth and forgiveness. Ready to let go of the past and move ahead.


Now that we are closing in on your season, you could feel lucky. Mercury in your sign gives you the confidence and energy to bring your inspiration and set new goals and dreams. You are quite optimistic during this transit, and this could feel like a prelude to Jupiter entering your sign in the next month.


There is a lot of focus with this transit, as Mercury slows you down. Now that Mars is no longer in your sign, you can take time for yourself and do the things you enjoy. Instead of feeling rushed, you get to feel centered and more in control. Saturn and Mercury allow you to handle pending responsibility with care and enthusiasm.


Social connections seem more enchanted with this transit, since you can reconnect and make new friends that can bring you happiness and healing. Mercury allows you to socialize and set new goals and intentions. You are prepared to break free from negative mindsets and fall in love again with yourself and the world.

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Mercury allows you to become a better team player and to listen more to others. You are pushed into a diplomatic role as Mercury brings you to the leadership position. People may go to you for advice, especially once Mercury goes retrograde, you could see some friends or colleagues from the past return. 


As this transit makes a positive aspect to your sign, you can become more curious about the world around you. Mercury makes you feel like an explorer, prepared to take on a new adventure. It could be a great time to read up on a book you’ve put off or to begin learning about things that are meaningful to you. 


With this transit, you are discovering how to find your power. Mercury brings us a moment of stillness right before the planet goes retrograde. You will be able to understand what you are inspired by and what steps you bring more happiness into your world. During this transit, the focus on joy and positivity can help you discover who you are.


It could feel like a light transit as Mercury brings you smooth sailing with your romantic connections. Being open with a partner about your feelings is much easier during this time. If you are dating, learning more about the people you meet becomes more enjoyable since you attract witty folks that bring fun and security to your world.


Mercury here can make you feel a little anxious. However, you are prepared to go with the flow as Saturn helps to ground you. Instead of reacting, you may opt to go slower and meditate over decisions that may impact your career. During this time, you can strengthen your relationships to get ahead. Your hard work and efforts will be recognized during this time.

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A pivotal transit as Mercury helps you seek what partnerships work in your favor. This is a period of evaluation, since Mars is also bringing these issues to light. You are ready to focus on your values and analyze the key points that bring you joy to improve your relationships.


Mercury in Taurus will make you seek comfort and care. Home becomes a place where you can focus on building and creating. It is a place where your inspiration sparks. You feel empowered to set new goals and create a new path. For the next several weeks, you are focused on balance and self-care.


Creativity levels increase with this transit, as well as your confidence. You could feel awakened as Mercury sparks your imagination. The planet is your muse and will bring more charm to your artistic creations. It is a time for merriment and excitement.

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