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Weekly Horoscope For April 29 – May 6

Weekly Horoscope For April 29 – May 6


Remember to make your own opportunities this week because they won’t always come to you. You have to play an active role in your own success. You have to go out there and make things happen. Believe in yourself. Take a chance on yourself.


This week, remember small changes can create a big impact. Even though the tiny bits of progress you’ve been making might not feel like a lot in the moment, they are leading you in the right direction. So be proud of yourself. And keep going.


This week, remember not trying is worse than flat-out failing. You should be proud of yourself for taking a chance. At least you won’t end up with regrets. At least you can say you were confident enough and brave enough to chase after what you wanted.


This week, remember to prioritize yourself. Don’t let others convince you that their needs are more important. What you want matters. If you aren’t going to put yourself first, no one else will so make sure you’re treating yourself with love and respect.


This week, remember it’s okay to have messy feelings and make messy mistakes. Stop holding yourself to an impossible standard because you’re always going to be disappointed. You’re doing your best. That’s all that matters, so give yourself some more credit. Stop treating yourself like a punching bag.


This week, embrace change. Don’t hold onto things (and people) that are wrong for you simply because that’s the way it’s always been. Forget about your history. Focus on your future. Do what is best for this current version of yourself, not your old self who is long gone.


This week, accept that your plans won’t always come to fruition. Sometimes, you need to improvise a little. You need to go with the flow. You can’t control every aspect of your life and that’s okay. That’s what makes it exciting.


This week, don’t avoid doing hard things. Sometimes, the actions that require the most effort are the ones that will reap the biggest rewards. They’re the things that you need to do most of all, and that you’ll be proud of yourself for following through on. So get out there and get it done.


This week, don’t forget about yourself during your pursuit to help others. Although it pays to be generous, you can’t forget about your own wants and needs and desires. You can’t keep making sacrifices for others. You matter too. Be a little more selfish.


This week, embrace your heartache. Don’t run from it. Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist or drown it out with alcohol and/or work. Let yourself feel your feelings so you can process them healthily and move on from them. You’re human, not a machine. It’s okay to cry.


This week, be the most authentic version of yourself. Don’t change yourself to please others. Don’t lie about your opinions to make them like you more. The people you want in your corner are the people who love the real, unfiltered you. Not the fake you.


This week, put one thousand percent of your effort into everything you do. Take it seriously. Take yourself seriously. Even if it feels like you’re only making small accomplishments, make the most of them. Put your heart into them.

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