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This Is The Type of Love You Crave, Based On Your Birth Order

This Is The Type of Love You Crave, Based On Your Birth Order

Love, in legends and comedies it thrives, Fueling late-night whispers with friends by our sides, Yet what if the secrets it holds, unknown, Lie in the order of birth we’ve been shown?

Oldest Child

You were the trailblazers of your family, the ones who bravely set the standard for your siblings. With great power comes great responsibility, right? As a result, you crave a love that’s stable, nurturing, and just as responsible as you are. Firstborns are looking for a partner who is their rock – someone who shares your strong work ethic, ambition, and dedication to family. They should be able to keep up with your drive and be your biggest cheerleader. You love when your partner has their act together, and let’s face it, you can’t help but swoon over a well-organized lifestyle.

Middle Child

Stuck in between the firstborn and the baby, you’ve mastered the art of diplomacy, flexibility, and going with the flow. You crave a love that complements and balances you, like the perfect puzzle piece that completes the picture. Middle children are searching for a partner who brings out the best in them, someone who truly appreciates their easygoing and adaptable nature. You want a love that’s just as harmonious as your personality. It doesn’t hurt if your partner is great at diffusing awkward family situations, either – you know, those moments when everyone’s yelling and you’re just sipping your tea in the corner.

Youngest Child

You’re the free-spirited wildcards of your family, often spoiled with affection and attention. You’ve got a knack for bringing laughter and joy to every room you enter. Naturally, you crave a love that’s light-hearted, carefree, and full of spontaneity. As a youngest sibling, you’re looking for a partner who can keep up with your fun-loving spirit and join you on life’s greatest adventures. They should be able to appreciate your playful nature, while also providing a safe space for you to be your truest, most authentic self. Your perfect match is someone who can sweep you off your feet with their charm and wit but is also more than willing to binge-watch Netflix in your PJs all day long.

Only Child

For all the only children out there, you’re used to being the center of attention, and you’ve probably spent countless hours entertaining yourself. This makes you crave a love that’s stimulating and fun – someone who’s always up for a new adventure. As an only child, you’re looking for a partner who can be your best friend, your confidante, and your co-adventurer. They should be creative, energetic, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Your ideal match is someone who’s ready to embrace the dynamic duo you’ll become, Batman and Robin style.


Twins, you’ve experienced a unique bond from the moment you entered this world. You crave a love that offers the same deep, soul-level connection that you’ve always shared with your twin. For twins, finding a partner who “gets” you is crucial. They need to understand and appreciate the special relationship you have with your sibling while also nurturing a strong, independent bond with you. You want a love that’s both intimate and telepathic, where a single glance can convey a thousand words

This Is The Type of Love You Crave, Based On Your Birth Order

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