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This Is The Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Birth Order

This Is The Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Birth Order

Some of us are sensitive and mushy. We lead with our emotions and get hurt easily. Others might have a protective heart, not letting themselves fall for just anyone, self-preservation at its finest. Which one are you? It might all come down to the order you were born. Look for your birth order below to see what kind of heart you have deep down.

Only Child

You have an independent heart. Because you were more “alone” than most of the kids around you, the ones who had built-in relationships with their siblings, you learned early to be okay on your own. You’re in charge of how you feel and are honestly content whether you’re alone or with someone else. With an independent heart, you are more choosey with who enters your life. Anyone you choose can feel special knowing you did so because they’re worthy.

Youngest Child

You have a sensitive heart. You’re easily affected by the moods around you. If you get hurt, you feel profoundly. But that sensitive heart also means you’re sensitive to others. You notice when someone is hurting, and will do what you can to make the people you care about feel better and more whole. With a sensitive heart, it takes you longer to recover when it breaks. Even so, you’d rather be hurt for a time than never feel anything at all.

Middle Child

You have a hardened heart. With every heartbreak, your heart grows a thicker layer. Some people see you as jaded, but you consider it practicality–learning from your mistakes. Each relationship shows you the pitfalls that you hope to learn to avoid. Without the softness of your younger sibling’s heart, you don’t give in so easily to emotions. With a hardened heart, you’d prefer to keep them locked inside–away from both other people and buried from yourself.

Oldest Child

You have a protective heart. Your heart protects you from getting hurt. It has built up walls over years of always putting yourself before others. If someone tries to break your heart, you don’t let any cracks show. With a protective heart, that protection extends to the people you care about. You’d do anything for your friends and family, including going to battle to make sure they’re okay. It’s what made you such a caring older sibling and a reliable adult.


You have a lonely heart. You learned early on how important it was to be a part of a pair. When you’re not part of a deeply committed couple, you feel like something is missing. It’s like you’re missing that perfect puzzle piece. Despite occasional fights and the intense desire to be seen as an individual, the intense connection of being a twin has led you to the lonely heart you have now. You need a partner in life, or you’ll feel like you’re lacking.

This Is The Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Birth Order

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