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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Have An Anxious Attachment Style In Relationships

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Have An Anxious Attachment Style In Relationships

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Have An Anxious Attachment Style In Relationships

People with anxious attachments constantly fear being abandoned and need constant reassurance and validation. They can often stay longer in unhealthy or toxic relationships or seek intimacy from the wrong people in order to feel loved or worthy. These behaviors are usually linked to childhood and the absence of one or both parents but some zodiac signs have more codependent tendencies than others and are more likely to have an anxious-attachment style in their relationships. 


Even though they seem to be carefree and the life of the party, they actually secretly fear not being accepted or loved, they get attached very easily when they like someone because it doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it becomes harder for them to let go and sometimes the fear of losing love can lead them to over-please their partner and have trouble setting boundaries. Their need for love from that person clouds their own judgment and makes them blinded to the red flags or how they’re being treated in the relationship. 


Known for their loving and nurturing hearts, Cancerians are willing to accept anyone as they are and embrace them and their baggage, however sometimes they don’t know when to stop. They could lose themselves in their partner’s drama and pay extra attention to their needs at the expense of their own. They want to be around their partner all the time so they can feel ‘safe’ in knowing that their partner needs them and is not going anywhere. They also tend to question whether or not their partner loves them so they always go the extra mile for them in an attempt to ‘win’ their love all over again. 


Virgos don’t fall in love very easily because they’re usually guarded and they protect their hearts but once they fall for someone, they do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, even with the wrong people, because their fear of failure is bigger than anything else. They also have trust issues so they’re constantly questioning if their partner is honest and faithful or if they’re good enough for their partner. They tend to change a lot of their core beliefs just to keep their partner around even if they’re not convinced and they have trouble expressing themselves or communicating their needs to their partner because they’re scared of pushing them away. 


As much as they’re known for their ‘detached’ personality, they are terribly afraid of being abandoned or rejected so they sometimes sabotage their own relationships by being highly reactive and defensive over the smallest things so they can leave their partner before their partner leaves them. They can misinterpret their partner’s behavior and impulsively react based on their own fears and insecurities rather than the reality of the situation. Given their impulsive nature, Aquarians tend to make decisions based on their triggers instead of learning how to regulate their emotions or think before they act. 


They love their space but at the same time, they need constant reassurance, love, and attention from their partner. Their mood depends on how their partner treats them and they often forget about their social life and their friends to spend more time with their partner. However, they don’t always communicate their angry feelings so they hold them in until they explode or they end up crying and blowing things out of proportion which confuses their partner. They can be needy or clingy out of fear of losing that person to someone else. They go with the flow most of the time to avoid fights or potential breakups. 

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