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The Harsh Truth Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear If They Want To Find Love

The Harsh Truth Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear If They Want To Find Love 


Slow down! Your impatience and infinite energy can be dizzying and overwhelming, Your partner may feel like they’re being swallowed whole and that there’s no room for them in the relationship. Make space for someone else to also have passions, interests, and options. 


It doesn’t always have to be your way, a relationship is a democracy, not a dictatorship. Yes, we know that you know best, that you’re resourceful that you are the person to ask for the best recommendations etc., etc., but you risk coming across as too dominant and overbearing if no one else is ever allowed to have a say. 


Just make a decision! Your flightiness can be adorable at times but it can also be maddening and disrespectful. People aren’t designed to keep you interested and stimulated at all times. You don’t need to go cold on someone because they bored you for five minutes. Try to make a decision and follow through instead of just going wherever the wind takes you 


Stop being so needy. You have a hard time being single and crave being in a relationship, almost to an unhealthy degree. You have a hard time feeling whole or complete when you’re not in a relationship. This can come across as desperate and lead you into unhealthy, codependent relationships. You may also settle for situations that are beneath you. Being alone isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you, learn to channel your caretaking tendencies until self-care. 


Stop being so self-obsessed. Not everyone exists to reflect your shine back at you or stroke your ego. Your need to be the center of attention can just be too much and your partner will not always want to be left out to stand in your cold shadow.


Stop being such a perfectionist! It’s annoying and no one likes to be nitpicked. Practice showing gratitude and appreciation for people rather than looking at all the ways they did it wrong. The person you really need to be kindest to is yourself.


Stop being so passive. Yes, it’s nice that you like to keep the peace and just want everyone to be happy but it becomes a problem when relationship issues get swept under the rug and resentments build. Learn to power and the importance of being assertive.


Stop being so suspicious. Not everyone is evil with bad intentions. Yes, you’ve been hurt in the past as we all have but being so mistrusting is just keeping people out and also really makes people dislike you.


Stop prioritizing your wanderlust over human connection. You can have both! You want a relationship but you’re also terrified and keep your true self hidden beneath a facade of being jolly and fun-loving. It’s OK to reveal your true self and be true to your desires.


Stop being so opportunistic. Not everything needs to be a means to an end, some things can just exist as human experiences. You are so driven and focused that you interact with everything as an object that can either serve you to set you back. But it’s not all so black and white.


Stop being so emotionally detached. Getting through to you can be exhausting and feels like coming against a brick wall. Get in touch with what you’re really afraid of and why vulnerability is so difficult for you.


Stop playing the victim. You set yourself up for misery but giving your all to people and not getting the same treatment in return and then feeling like the world is against you and no one appreciates you. Hold yourself back a bit and choose who to invest your heart into wisely rather than giving it all away and then feeling resentful.

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