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The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiacs (Who Might Manipulate You)

The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiacs (Who Might Manipulate You)

Be careful about who you trust, especially when it comes to dating. You don’t want to end up putting your heart into the wrong person’s hands and getting it torn apart in the end. Make sure that you pay close attention to signals the other person is giving off because you deserve the best possible partner. Here are the most persuasive zodiacs who could manipulate you easily if they wanted to:


Geminis are social butterflies who have a way with words. They always know what to say and how to phrase it to make themselves come across as intelligent and fun. Most of the time, Geminis will use this power for good — but if you happen to meet someone toxic who falls under the Gemini sign, be careful. They’re going to say all the right things at the right times. They’ll be able to trick you into doing what they want and making you think that it was your idea. This sign can be sneaky when they want to be, so make sure you’re careful to stand your ground around them. Stick to your beliefs, especially when what they’re saying sounds too good to be true.


Leos are natural leaders, so they are able to take charge in any situation. They have the toolset to lead any group of people, and these traits make them appear trustworthy and dependable. Although most Leos really are as loyal as they seem, if you meet a toxic Leo, then you could be in trouble. Leos are excellent at reading people. They know exactly what to say in order to encourage you and empower you — but this means they also know how to cut you down and make you feel terrible about yourself. If you meet a toxic Leo, then they’re going to get you to do whatever they want pretty easily, so watch out.


Scorpios hold their cards close to their chest. Most of the time, they’re holding back while the people around them are revealing thoughts and opinions freely. Scorpios can bottle up this information and save it for later. In most cases, this is a sweet thing because they’ll remember little things about you to make you smile — but if you meet a toxic Scorpio, they’re going to use all that information they stored up against you. They’re going to use it to hit you where it hurts when they’re upset with you, or to manipulate you into doing what they want since they know how your brain works. This upper hand can be dangerous, depending on the person.

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Capricorns are a logical sign, so they’re able to explain their reasoning in a way that sounds wise. They’re super persuasive in work environments and relationships because what they’re saying simply makes sense. They always sound like the smartest person in the room. While most Capricorns have soft hearts and pure intentions, if you meet a toxic Capricorn, then you won’t even realize when you’re being manipulated. You’ll do whatever they say because they’ll make it sound like it’s in your best interest. They’ll make you think that they’re your best friend, even when they’re secretly against you.

The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiacs (Who Might Manipulate You)

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