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The #1 Sign That Each Zodiac Is In Love

The #1 Sign That Each Zodiac Is In Love


When Aries is in love, they become dedicated, tender, and attentive partners. Up until that point, though, it might be difficult to tell where exactly you stand with them. There’s no harm in asking—Aries tend to be very direct, and when put on the spot, they will be honest (perhaps even too honest). If you have to wonder about their feelings, that might just be your answer.


Tauruses enjoy living a life full of both small pleasures and incredible decadence. Often this world is reserved only for them, a respite from the bustling reality around them. When a Taurus brings you into their self-care rituals, when they spend too much money on you and cook extravagant meals and turn on the charm, it’s a sign that they’re falling hard. Don’t blow it!


Gemini can be so all over the place that their eyes will barely rest on whoever they’re conversing with for longer than a second. There’s always more to see, more to share, and more to consume. If you’re with a Gemini and they’re intentionally making eye contact with you, showing you that they’re physically engaged in your conversation, then you must be making quite an impression on them.


Cancers might be the most challenging sign to read when it comes to love because of how easily and completely they fall for people. It may feel as though they need no time at all to become serious about their partners, but while there’s some truth to that, there’s a difference between a quick fling and true love. A Cancer in love will truly make the whole world feel brand new. If they’re in it, you’ll know.


Leos are typically very confident when it comes to romantic relationships. They know what they want, and they know what they have to offer. Love comes naturally to them—or so they think. If you’re with a Leo and they’re beginning to get tongue-tied or nervous around you, take that as a sign that they know things are getting serious and are trying hard not to mess it all up.


Analytical and prone to overthinking, Virgos like to be absolutely certain about their partners before they begin introducing them to their closest loved ones. There’s nothing more embarrassing to a Virgo than acting prematurely and bringing home a partner that doesn’t last longer than a few months. If your Virgo is planning a dinner for you to meet their people, know they’re being sincere about their love for you.


It can be difficult to tell when a Libra is in love because of its naturally flirty nature. They’re the type of people that make you feel like you’re loved after being in the room with them for five minutes. A reliable way to tell if a Libra is feeling smitten is by noticing whether they reserve this affection for you alone. When you’re together in a crowded room, are you the only person they see?


Scorpios are notoriously intense in romantic relationships, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand. While it may seem like a Scorpio is really into you, you may be unsure and missing the words of affirmation that one typically expects from people in love. This is because vocalizing love and tenderness is a big step for Scorpio. Believe it if they tell you how much you mean to them.


If a Sagittarius begins to talk earnestly about your future together and what it could look like five or 10 years down the line, don’t take that for granted. Sagittariuses are often so concerned with the next great adventure that they fail to recognize the joy that’s already part of their lives. For them to look at you and see endless tomorrows is no small thing.


Capricorns are notoriously hesitant to share their emotions with romantic partners. They’ve seen what being vulnerable can do to a person and like to be absolutely positive that their partner won’t exploit that before they attempt to open up. If a Capricorn is beginning to confide in you, be gentle with them. Know that they wouldn’t be exposing themselves to the possibility of pain if they didn’t think you were someone special.


Aquariuses often second-guess themselves with romantic relationships. They claim that they don’t think they’ve ever actually been in love before and wouldn’t know where to start with it. All of this is just a security mechanism that they’ve built between themselves and love. If an Aquarius drops the act with you and starts to relax in your partnership, that’s a sign that they’re letting it in.


Normally so preoccupied and self-contained, it takes something—or someone—really exceptional to drag Pisces out of their perfect daydreams. It’s rare, but it can happen. You’ll be able to tell a Pisces is falling hard when they appear 100% present in all of your interactions. You won’t have to look at them and wonder where they really are—it’ll be clear by their attentiveness that they’re right there with you.

The #1 Sign That Each Zodiac Is In Love

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