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How Each Birth Month Defines Love (In One Sentence)

How Each Birth Month Defines Love (In One Sentence)


To you, love means building a home together where you both feel comfortable and safe.


To you, love means wanting to make each other happy and putting in the work to keep the relationship strong, even when it’s inconvenient.


To you, love means being emotionally vulnerable and letting each other in completely so there are no secrets between you.


To you, love means encouraging each other and challenging each other to reach your fullest potential.


To you, love means spending quality time together and prioritizing each other above everyone else.


To you, love means being completely open about what you want and how you feel, even when it gets uncomfortable.


To you, love means taking care of each other physically and emotionally because their happiness matters as much as your own.


To you, love means acting like a team, making decisions together, and coming to compromises that keep you both happy.


To you, love means growing together and making an active effort to treat each other right every single day.


To you, love means showing each other affection through cuddling, kissing, and communicating openly about feelings.


To you, love means being a support system for each other during the best times and the toughest times.


To you, love means laughing together, having fun wherever you go, and being best friends, not just lovers.

How Each Birth Month Defines Love (In One Sentence)

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