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Astrology + Geography: The Zodiac Sign Of 12 Major US Cities

Astrology + Geography: The Zodiac Sign Of 12 Major US Cities

Astrology + Geography: The Zodiac Sign Of 12 Major US Cities

Each astrological sign has a specific personality. So does every major American city. Just like human beings, each city is “birthed” under unique cultural, geographical, and historical circumstances that give them an identifiable temperament, that set them apart from all the others. Here are the 12-star signs and the 12 major American cities that most resemble them.


Chicago is known as “The City of Big Shoulders”—and you have to be tough to endure the Windy City’s brutal winters and survive its mean streets. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war and conflict. Chicago is legendary for its gangster culture going all the way back to the days of Prohibition and Al Capone. Like Aries the Ram, people who live in Chi-Town are tough, tenacious, unyielding, and ready to plow through any problem that life throws at them. Like Aries, Chicagoans are a frank, candid, realistic, and no-nonsense bunch.


The planet Venus rules over Taurus. Venus governs beauty, love, and money. You can find plenty of beauty and love in Las Vegas—provided you have the money. Vegas is called “Sin City” for a reason—it’s truly the only town in America primarily known as a place where you can flee the humdrum boredom of everyday life and indulge your deepest passions and explore your sinful, animalistic side. There’s no pleasure you can’t find in Vegas, no sin you can’t commit. You can make a fortune and blow it all in the same day. What’s better, you can leave it all behind once you’ve indulged yourself—as they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to sexually transmitted diseases, so be careful in that regard.


An air sign that is ruled by Mercury, the planet of expression and communication, Gemini takes to New Orleans, AKA “The Magic City” and “The Big Easy,” like a bee takes to honey. New Orleans is one of the few major American cities that has a distinctly non-American flavor. Some of it is due to its rich French heritage brought down from Canada by the exiled Acadians, who were later known as “Cajuns.” Another part of the city’s uniqueness is due to its rich Creole culture, especially as reflected in its spicy cuisine, rich with gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish. New Orleans is also the birthplace of jazz, boogie-woogie, and early piano-driven rock and roll. It’s packed with too much fun for one person—that’s why it’s perfect for the Twins.


Cancer the Crab is ruled by the moon, a planet that signifies comfort, maternal instincts, and self-care. Cancers like feeling that they are at home no matter where they travel. That’s why they’ll feel right at home in Atlanta, the biggest city in the South and known as “The City Too Busy to Hate.” Southern hospitality is the name of the game here, and people will call you “honey,” “sweetie,” and “darlin’” before they even know your name. After a belly-warming meal of chicken, grits, fried okra, black-eyed peas, sweet tea, and a dessert of red velvet cake, you’ll never want to leave.


Leos are just as driven as Aries and just as determined as Capricorns, but they are also known to have a creative and passionate side. If you want to be rich and famous, there’s no better city to do it in than Los Angeles. Leo is a fire sign that’s ruled by the sun, so what better place to represent the Lion than a city that’s always warm and where it almost never rains? It’s the only city in America where you can be at the beach in the morning, in the desert at noon, and high up in the mountains by evening. Los Angeles is where dreams become reality.


Boston was founded all the way back in 1630, and many people consider it to be America’s birthplace. Every one of its cobblestone, ivy-rimmed, colonial-era streets throbs with history, tradition, and a sense of order. Virgo is an Earth sign, and Virgos tend to like efficiency, predictability, logic, and a firm sense of grounding. Fenway Park is one of the country’s oldest and most storied baseball fields. Boston Garden hosts the legendary Celtics, who’ve won more championships than any other NBA team. In nearby Cambridge sits Harvard University, founded in 1636 and widely regarded as the nation’s finest institution of higher learning. Virgos and Boston go together like a stormy night goes with New England clam chowder.


Since they are symbolized by the Scales, Libras naturally favor balance. No other city in the USA represents a balance between urban and rural cultures than Dallas. Along with nearby Fort Worth, the Dallas Metro Area is one of the country’s largest extended metropolises, and if you don’t believe me, just try navigating it during rush hour in the pounding Texas heat. Everything—both good, bad, and in between—that you can find in a major American city can be found in Dallas. But venture just a little outside the city’s confines, and you’ll find the cowboy culture and country music immortalized in Western movies. You’ll also find a rich and vibrant Mexican culture along with savory Tex-Mex cuisine.


Scorpio is a water sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of sex, love, and sensuality. Scorpios also are known for liking things that are a little bit spooky and unconventional. There is therefore no better place for a Scorpio than the fabled City by the Bay, surrounded by water, shrouded in mist, and home to some of America’s most notorious murderers such as the Zodiac Killer and the Zebra Killers. The twists and turns of this almost impossibly hilly city have made San Francisco a perennial magnet for bohemians, nonconformists, and those with a taste for a little bit of the dark side.


Sagittarius is a fire sign, so they are drawn like moths to the flame of the never-ending summers of the South Florida coast. They are ruled by Jupiter, a planet of abundance, and Miami has a little bit of everything for everybody. The city has a spicy Latin flavor due to its proximity to the island nations of the Caribbean, but it draws people from all over. Florida is a state very similar to California in the sense that it seems like almost no one is from there—instead, they came there from other places due to their innate curiosity and insatiable desire to explore. 


As an Earth sign that is ruled by Saturn—the planet of hard work, persistence, and accountability—Capricorn feels right at home in the Big Apple, AKA The City That Never Sleeps, AKA the nation’s biggest city and its financial center. Capricorns are driven and ambitious, which makes them feel at home amid the hustle and bustle of Wall Street and the glitter and glamour of Broadway. In the song “New York, New York,” Frank Sinatra crooned, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”—but if you’ve made it in New York, you won’t need to make it anywhere else. You’ve already got it made.


Aquarius is an air sign, which some people associate with being airheaded and flighty but which actually denotes someone who is open-minded and refuses to think inside the box. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprise. Aquarians are also known for a bit of moodiness. What better city to encapsulate all these traits than Portland, OR, the city of free-thinkers whose motto is “Keep Portland Weird”? The Oregon Trail is what led explorers Lewis and Clark to this city on the banks of the Willamette River, and ever since, Portland has gained a reputation as a safe haven for pioneers, upstarts, and change-makers.


Pisces is a water sign, which is appropriate since Honolulu is the only major American city surrounded on all sides by thousands of miles of water. Because Honolulu is on a tiny island surrounded by an endlessly flat, watery horizon, it has the world’s most amazing sunsets. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs dreams and creativity. Over the years, Honolulu has become a home to dreamers and travelers from all over the world who seek solace in its amazing climatic and demographic diversity. Honolulu is a place for nonconformists, a place where the fish who refuse to swim along with the school can call home.

Astrology + Geography: The Zodiac Sign Of 12 Major US Cities

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