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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before April 17

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before April 17


Your card: King of Pentacles

Things will work out well this week when it comes to money, your job, and other concrete, physical things. At least if you make the moves to make them happen. You’re a natural leader, so it might just take those skills to make your monetary dreams come true.


Your card: King of Wands

You’ll be feeling creatively inspired this week. Inspiration doesn’t always find you so easily, so go with it while the feeling is still around. Build something, make things happen. This card is also about natural charisma, so maybe the thing you’re inspired to do involves asking someone out. Go for it!


Your card: 5 of Pentacles

You’ll be filled with worry and anxiety this week, it will most likely be based on absolutely nothing concrete or outside yourself. We all have these weeks where we feel bad about ourselves or question any decision we’ve ever made. This just happens to be your time.


Your card: Strength

Strength isn’t something that just comes from nowhere. To be truly strong–especially in character and emotions–it takes patience and courage. This week, you’ll have an opportunity to flex that muscle. If you’re brave and patient, you’ll do just fine.


Your card: 9 of Swords

Regardless of the good things that might be happening in your life this week, your internal monologue will be fighting against you. You’ll be filled with anxiety and worry that keeps you from truly celebrating any accomplishments. Try not to let that worrying part of your brain make decisions this week.


Your card: The Fool

The Fool is less about stupidity and more about innocence. At the beginning of any journey, the path ahead, and where it might lead you, is unknown. This week, embrace the unknown. I know it can be hard for you. You’d prefer to know absolutely everything. But since that’s impossible, you might as well go along for the ride.


Your card: Knight of Wands

Get ready for an adventure this week. The adventure itself could be literally anything that feels special and out of the ordinary. This card suggests you go at this new adventure with passion, fearlessness, and confidence. While new things sometimes scare you, there’s no reason to be scared this time. You’ve got this.


Your card: 4 of Pentacles

Now isn’t the time to spend frivolously or to go forward without thinking. Instead, think before you proceed, be careful, and question every purchase. Luckily, you’re pretty good at thinking things out before you do them.


Your card: Page of Cups

This is a dreamy card. When you get this, you should embrace following your heart and your emotions, rather than your analytical brain. Something good is coming this week, and having that kind of flight-of-fancy attitude will only make it better.


Your card: Knight of Pentacles

This week will find you working hard, getting things done, and perfecting your routine. AKA, it’s the kind of week you were born to have. Some might find a week like this boring, but not you. You love getting things done.


Your card: Ace of Swords

If you’ve been having a mental block lately, get ready to bust through that wall this week. You’re going to have a breakthrough, so congrats! It might be because of a new idea or realizing the truth about the matter. Either way, you’ll be better off.


Your card: 7 of Wands

Something will happen this week that’ll make you feel defiant and defensive. Honestly, you thrive on that kind of drama. Any opportunity to show your convictions and perseverance and you’re there. That’s why you’re always first in line to protest something–and we love you for it.

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before April 17

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