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8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Scorpio

8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Scorpio

Scorpio, your enigmatic nature gives way to you being the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac—maybe even the most feared. You certainly are despised. Often, your silence gets mistaken for intimidation. You’re not standoffish, it’s just that you get lost in your inner thoughts and are constantly observing the world around you. If you’re icy to someone, chances are there was a good reason—you’ve got a strong sense about people and you’re highly selective about who you let into your inner circle. 

People have all sorts of names and words to use for you—they love to hate on you. Some of the things others call you to include manipulative, sex-obsessed, evil, vengeful, possessive, and venomous. Let the haters hate—you’re clever, sexy, strong, self-respecting, fiercely protective, and resilient. It’s not like you care about the misconceptions other people have of you. For you, their opinions are none of your concern, but they just can’t stop hatin’.

Here are some things other signs may not realize you just can’t help…because you’re a Scorpio. 

1. Being morbid.

You’re fearlessly curious and ruled by Pluto, the planet named after the god of the underworld—you can’t be blamed for your fascination with everything creepy and occult. Anything mysterious, unsolved, or having to do with death strongly calls to you. Nothing fazes you—the darker, the more twisted, the gorier it is, the more you can’t look away. As the sign of transformation and rebirth, you’ve spent a lot of time contemplating your own mortality. Your dream proposal probably involves a picnic at a historic cemetery. You know to keep your Ouija board stored separately from your planchette. So, what if Midsommar is one of your comfort movies? Someone who can’t understand its beauty might be the one thing you can’t stomach. 

2. Keeping secrets.

Your friends can be annoying AF calling you shady, but they just don’t understand your deep need for privacy. It’s one of the most valued aspects of your life. It’s not even about your trust issues or fear of opening up—you were just born an extremely private soul. It’s true that you’re selective about who you let in and how much, but you believe it’s your full right to only reveal what needs to be shared. You’re the most secretive sign of the zodiac. You show only what you want to show, but expect full transparency from others. In fact, you’ve got a natural gift for making people compelled to spill their own secrets to you. You’re a vault and loyal to a fault—you’ll take your secrets to the grave along with everyone else’s. 

3. Going off the grid.

You have a natural tendency towards introversion and solitude. Not a lot of people get that. There’s so much simmering beneath the surface with you—you live in an inner-rich world. You need time alone to be with your thoughts and to, quite frankly, recharge away from the presence of others. You can become drained by social situations and prolonged time in the company of others. Sometimes you just need that space where you don’t have to listen, talk to, or answer anyone. You’re a deeply introspective soul who can spiral without the silence and solo time you require. So, don’t feel bad about turning off your phone and hiding for a little while.

4. Guarding yourself. 

There’s nothing more that you crave than deep intimacy, but you struggle with a fear of vulnerability. That’s because you have such a great capacity for it—maybe more than any other sign—and you fear opening yourself to someone only to wind up hurt. You’re so sensitive that you’re afraid of being discovered, but the problem is also that you don’t know how to let go of control. Being vulnerable makes you feel threatened down to your very heart and soul. It also makes you feel like you’re giving up power to another person. So, you don’t open up easily or often. For you, building trust takes time and reciprocity of respect. It can be said that even some people in your family and inner circle may never come to fully know you. There are some cards you may always hold close to your chest. But when you let a person in through the thorny labyrinths of your heart, the world sees the deepest, purest, strongest, and most intense love. 

5. Calling people out on their BS.

You’re highly perceptive and can intuit something before it’s said or done. Scorpio, there isn’t a tiny detail that ever slips by you. When you know, you just know, and you’re typically never wrong about a person or situation. People cannot easily get away with fooling you or those close to you, because you’re essentially a human lie detector. You don’t have tolerance for deceit, dishonesty, or insincerity. When someone is one of these things, you will obliterate them with your eyes and words. You can call someone out on their BS before it has even left their mouth. Sometimes it isn’t a particular thing a person has said or done, but just a feeling you get about them. When someone has bad energy, you just know, and you won’t go through the motions of exchanging niceties with them. 

6. Living life on the edge. 

You’ve got your fair share of vices and risky proclivities, Scorpio. You’re someone who is strongly drawn to intense experiences. Sometimes this means an affinity for people and things that can undo you—even destroy you. You partake in such behaviors because it almost makes you feel in control to allow yourself to become undone like that. It’s also the Phoenix in you who compels you—you’re the sign of destruction and rebirth. You engage in dangerous (and even masochistic) situations as an unconscious means to symbolize death. You live life on the edge because you’re constantly confronting your depth. Your life experience isn’t for the faint of heart, but no one has your wisdom and undying energy. 

7. Staying perpetually aroused.

You’re always in the mood, and so effin’ what? You can’t help it—you’re ruled by the hips and reproductive organs. As the sex sign, you’re the lustiest and most sensual sign of the zodiac. You’ve got a fiery, zealous, undying, and passionate sex drive. You’ve got very few boundaries and your sign is associated with all things “taboo.” There’s a reason you’ve earned your reputation as the freakiest of all the signs. You certainly don’t have qualms about casual sex, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll jump into bed with just anyone. You want someone with depth who can match your intensity. Sex can be a transcendental and spiritual experience for you, especially with someone you care about. It definitely can feel that way when you masturbate. Reading this has you feeling some type of way now, huh?

8. Strategizing (AKA plotting and scheming).

Life is a battlefield and you’re determined to be prepared when it’s time to strike. You’re extremely focused on your goals and aims. Whether it’s your professional or vigilante pursuits, you’re always fifty steps ahead in the game. You’re constantly anticipating the thoughts, actions, and motives of other people because you fear the unknown. You don’t want to be caught unaware and you work very hard for the successful future you want. Your scheming can also be spawned from a need for vengeance. You don’t forgive or forget. In fact, the most dangerous thing about you is your patience. You can wait years in order to get even. Being hurt by someone who made you feel safe enough to be vulnerable with them is the biggest betrayal. Your trust isn’t given away easily. Others may not understand, but sometimes closure for you is karma. Sometimes you just like to give it a little push. It’s never not deserved.

8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Scorpio

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