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5 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Sagittarius

5 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Sagittarius

Welcome to the Sagittarius life, here are all the wonderful things we do.

1. Turning down group trips for solo travel. 

You’ve been dreaming about traveling the world for as long as you can remember, Sagittarius. You’re not ashamed of how many times you’ve seen Passport to Paris or how you still geek out in an airport. The feeling of going somewhere, anywhere, is something you absolutely live for, and since life and funds are limited in their own ways, you’re not afraid to make the tough calls. To skip a friend’s trip or a family vacation to splurge on a destination of your choice. 

There’s a time for compromise, for consensus, and travel is not one of them. You’re not going to pass up pyramids in Mexico because the group wants more margaritas. Maybe you’ve had your fill of tropical destinations in general, and crave gloom, fog, and Scottish castles. You’re not going to sit around waiting for someone to suggest that in a group chat. You take things into your own hands and book the trip you want to take. You know that’s what you’ll regret skipping on your deathbed, not another bachelorette wine tasting.

2. Coaxing shy people out of their shells.

At first glance, you’re the loudmouthed, goofy one at any party, but in a one-on-one setting, you can be so calm or soft-spoken. Even though you can hold your own in a big group, it’s not really your cup of tea. The class clown in you is a hypocrite, believing the people who want attention most are usually least deserving of it. You much prefer to start up a conversation with the quietest person in the room and enjoy their secret thoughts and personality all to yourself. 

You hate small talk more than anything, and shy people aren’t masters of flipping on recycled talk tracks about the weather, sports, or reality TV that make your eyes roll. Your curious nature makes you a master interviewer, knowing exactly what questions will yield the most interesting personal anecdotes. You enjoy the intimacy of personal connection and are drawn to the people who are quiet because they are so deep in thought.

3. Watching everything with subtitles.

If it’s in English, it’s not on your watchlist. As the consummate Belle trying to escape provincial life, you are constantly searching for the perspectives, stories, and cultures that differ most from the hometown you grew up in. You can speak a foreign language, at minimum, and are not bothered by content in a language you don’t recognize at all. Your mind is a sponge that soaks it all up, and before you know it, you’ve acquired more vocabulary words through this method than your co-worker who’s been grinding away at DuoLingo for months. 

You’re hardwired to seek out diversity and selfishly want to experience as much of the world as humanly possible, even if it’s through a screen. You also seek the pop culture cred that allows you to relate to people of various backgrounds with the simple drop of a name, a title, or a song. You want to be in on as many inside jokes as possible, to know the callbacks, references, and allusions you find so intellectually rewarding.

4. Signing up for another class.

You’re constantly caught in a cycle of pride and regret over being the perpetual beginner. On the one hand, you’re never afraid to look like a fool, to take the first necessary steps toward acquiring new knowledge or skills, which will keep you young at heart and readily employable in a rapidly evolving society. But, on the other hand, you envy the concert pianists, professional athletes, and healthcare workers of the world, the people who had the clarity and impetus to go all in on an interest of a career early on and commit. You have so many interests, many of which get abandoned to make room for others, that you sometimes feel like you’ve never really seen anything through to the end. 

None of that is ever enough to stop you though. You can always see yourself opening up to new experiences, and learning from the many talented people in your community. If anything, not committing to one thing yourself, has allowed you the free time necessary to become this well-rounded, an accomplishment in and of itself.

5. Reading constantly.

Have I mentioned you hate small talk? Whether it’s a book, an article, an essay, or a story, you’re always consuming some kind of written material rather than engaging in surface-level chitchat. In today’s age of ever-shortening attention spans and all the more instantaneous gratification, you use your free time to collect as much information as possible. You want to be well-informed and well-read to better formulate your own ideas, convictions, and beliefs. It makes you a better conversationalist and a more interesting person in general. 

People can see this as antisocial behavior, off-putting, or difficult to relate to, but you just place an exorbitant value on diversity of ideas and information. You love talking about the different things bouncing around in your head all day, but when you find yourself in a company that doesn’t share your interests, you can entertain yourself all day. You also process much of your own experience by relating to fictional and real stories, and by constantly drawing connections between concepts, experiences, and feelings. 

5 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Sagittarius

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