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4 Zodiacs Whose Patience Will Be Rewarded In April

4 Zodiacs Whose Patience Will Be Rewarded In April


We know you’re more likely to be called obstinate than patient, Taurus, but this month sticking to your guns is going to pay off. You are the sign that can be seen as picky, but never ever regrets a choice they’ve made. The time you spend finding the right car, the right job, the right partner, and the right home, is your way of building the life you want to live. You steer clear of any quarter-life and mid-life crises because it’s impossible to wake up in a bed that doesn’t feel like yours when you waited months for the perfect model that was on backorder. Good things take time. You know this. So don’t be surprised when you’re proven right, once again this month.


You get a lot of flack, Scorpio, when it comes to revenge, retribution, vendettas, grudges, etc. People are worried you’ve got a voodoo doll that looks like them stuffed under your mattress full of little pins, but your patience is the kind that never loses hope for justice to prevail. When you are wronged, you trust that there is only so far others can get ahead by wrongdoing. Eventually, those poor choices catch up with people, with their reputations, and with their ability to do anything honestly. You don’t have to intervene any more than speaking your truth. This month you get the satisfaction of watching karma do its work to restore balance and remove negative obstacles from your path.


Your patience, Capricorn, is the likes of The Little Red Hen. The goals you’re working toward in life require several minute tasks to be completed, and no one wants to lend you a hand. Your methodical dedication to crossing each item off of your list will yield rewards this month. You don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity or complexity of it all, and instead have to attack each challenge individually, learning new skills along the way that give your confidence a continual lift. In a consumer economy that tells us to just go to the store for a loaf of bread, you see all of the people it takes to get that product on a shelf. You see a business opportunity where others are ready to hand over their cash. 


Pisces, your patience is that of a dreamer who never lets their bubble gets burst. Your loyalty is unparalleled, never leave behind your passions over something as simple as falling out of style. You are content to possess a dream or vision in and of itself. You don’t get fed up when it doesn’t come to fruition in the short term, or let others convince you it’s impossible. You’re the person who could keep saving for a trip to France, even if you’re in your 70s by the time you take it. This month, one of your dreams is within your reach without having to wait that long. Don’t even blink while others have to eat their words while you find success. 

4 Zodiacs Whose Patience Will Be Rewarded In April

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