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4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus More On Themselves (And Less On Love)

4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus More On Themselves (And Less On Love)

4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus More On Themselves (And Less On Love)


You’re so influenced by love that it motivates everything that you plan for and accomplish. Your sign is linked to the fourth house of the zodiac, meaning that you value home and family. Your biggest dream is to build a strong foundation with someone to have a lifelong future together. When you’re in a relationship, its demise is your biggest fear—it drives you to clinginess. You constantly have to be in contact with the object of your affection, and may even monitor their moves. You call yourself a nurturer, but those who love you would call you smothering. You overextend yourself taking care of your significant other and fixing their problems. When your heart gets broken, you fall into a devastation for which no words exist. An infatuation for you can last longer than an actual relationship. You’re a sucker for nostalgia and for what could have been. Your sign believes that love should be forever, but sometimes things don’t work out to make room for what’s actually meant for us. 

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To have the life you want with the lover you envision, you must first become emotionally independent. A relationship is unhealthy if it’s the sole determining factor of your happiness. If you invested all the energy you do into romance into yourself, your need for others wouldn’t be so strong. You should express your emotional energy through other mediums—like work, art, or hobbies—as opposed to channeling them into a person. The more comfortable you are in your independence, the less reassurance you’ll need. Love can bring you the secure emotional connection you desire, but first, you must attract it by exuding self-sufficient energy. 


You spend a lot of time in relationships because there’s nothing you want more than to be swept away with love and desire. Your sign is associated with the fifth house, which is in charge of romance and pleasure. Being in love is one of your ultimate experiences, but sometimes you tend to love the idea of the relationship more than the actual person. The romance you envision is straight out of a movie. You’ll inflate someone’s character to watch the film unfold wearing rose-colored glasses. You’ll do anything to make love work, even make personal sacrifices. This is because you’re more comfortable giving than receiving, but this can lead you to give until you’ve got nothing left to give. You live in constant fear of being hurt and disrespected and think that pleasing your partner unconditionally can prevent it. You’re misunderstood as being arrogant, but in reality, you carry secret insecurities. You seek the power and reassurance you crave in love, often letting partners define your worth. 

You need to focus more on yourself and stop seeking affirmation from external sources. Your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on the spotlight or being the object of someone’s affection. You will get over your fear of abandonment and disloyalty once you find the security you crave from within. You’re ruled by the Sun, a fiery force of vitality—you shine alone without trying. You don’t need anyone’s attention, Leo. Having your ego stroked isn’t the same thing as love. Spending time alone will remind you what’s important—you and your needs. 


Can you even remember the last time you were single—like a truly full-blown single? You’re constantly falling in and out of love, Libra—going from relationship to relationship. Governed by Venus, the planet of love, you’re addicted to all things romance. You value harmony and balance, and being that you’re the sign of partnership, you often seek those things in relationships. This is why you overidealize partners and stay in relationships past their expiration date. You will overlook any red flag or paint it green to make it work with a lover. To keep the object of your affection happy and avoid conflict, you become agreeable, let them make decisions for you, and neglect your own emotional needs. You hurt yourself trying to get into their good graces. It’s so important for you to please your partner because you tend to self-identify in relationships.

You must spend time alone if you want to avoid losing your sense of self in your next relationship. Introspection will push you into figuring out who you are as an individual. Spend some time answering what makes you happy. Getting over your fear of being alone will enhance your future dating experiences and help you attract a healthy partner. In your solitude, you’ll finally prioritize your needs over those of another person, and learn how to be more vocal in expressing them. You’ll realize that love doesn’t mean sacrifice and that you’re worthy of unconditional affection. 


Like Libra, you fall in love often and quickly, often becoming emotionally involved before determining whether a companion is suitable. You romanticize lovers like leading fictional characters out of a love story, grasping for your ideal happy ending. You’re a hopeless romantic with grand and unrealistic expectations of love. Ruled by dreamy Neptune, you tend to forget about time and get lost inside your lovesick fantasies, often becoming obsessed with toxic partners. You do whatever you can to find love and anything to keep it, overextending your efforts in relationships, even when that energy isn’t matched. You’d go against even your strongest values if it meant keeping a significant other happy. Love for you is a complete merger of souls—your own needs blur into those of the one you love. 

To have the fairytale you’ve always wanted, you must first spend significant time alone evaluating your codependent behaviors. You’re too selfless for your own good. Embracing solitude will teach you that there are unhealthy compromises we should never make, not even in the name of love. You must put your needs and desires before anyone else’s, as well as learn to vocally express them, before romantically entangling yourself. You need to find yourself again, Pisces. Grounding yourself will give you the strength to be more assertive and be able to set emotional boundaries. Once you do that, you will be able to have the transcendental experience you crave with the love of your life. 

4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus More On Themselves (And Less On Love)

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