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4 Zodiacs Who Should Call In A Mental Health Day This Week (April 10 – 16)

4 Zodiacs Who Should Call In A Mental Health Day This Week (April 10 – 16)

We all need mental health days sometimes. Life gets too hard, too tiring, and you just need to take a day to reset. Some of us are good at asking for it when we need it, and others will never ask no matter how close they are to a nervous breakdown. For these four zodiac signs, now might be a good time to call in a mental health day.


It’s not that you don’t ask for mental health days when you need them. Of all the signs, you’re probably the best at voicing what you want to others. The problem is that you might not yet realize that you need it. You rarely pay attention to your mental health, instead focusing on what’s around you. Because of that, you end up suddenly thinking, “Uh oh, am I on the verge of a panic attack? How did that happen?” Do a little self-assessment this week and see if things are actually as okay as you’ve been telling yourself they are. And if they’re not? Time for a mental health day, baby.


Your response to the idea of taking a mental health day is most likely something like, “But I have so much to do.” And that’s probably true. A lot of people might depend on you at your job. Here’s something that’s important to learn, though: The world continues to spin even if you take a break. Your job will still be there when you return for work, and unless you work at an understaffed nuclear power plant, the place probably won’t fall apart if you miss a day. What’s more important: Your job or your health? (Please say the latter.)


You’re too hard on yourself. You already know that of course. Even if your friends didn’t tell you that all the time, you live and breathe that vibe every day. One of the ways that manifests is this near-pathological idea that if you’re not constantly working on something, then that means you’re lazy and unworthy. Yeah, no, quit it. You know that’s not true for other people, so why should that be true for you? Taking a mental health day isn’t some defeat. Sometimes it’s just necessary. If you need it, ask for it, embrace it, and hopefully feel better that you did.


Your emotional well has been running dry lately. To use a few more metaphors, you’re wrung out, your stars are misaligned, and you just need a damn break. The fear comes from asking for it. Maybe you worry that you’ll be fired or everyone will hate you. They won’t. And if that actually happens, it sounds like you were in a toxic work environment anyway and would be better off without it. So take your mental health day. Drink some tea, gossip with friends, eat “too much” meat and cheese, cry while listening to the emo playlist you curated when you were a teen, and know that you’re going back to work rested and recharged.

4 Zodiacs Who Should Call In A Mental Health Day This Week (April 10 – 16)

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