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4 Zodiacs Who Always Get Fooled By Almost Relationships

4 Zodiacs Who Always Get Fooled By Almost Relationships

Almost relationships are never ideal because you’re always hoping they’ll turn into more. But some zodiacs won’t even realize that they’re in an almost relationship for a while. Or they’ll genuinely believe that the connection is bound to turn into more, only to be disappointed in the end. Here are some zodiacs who always get fooled by almost relationships:


You have a soft heart that is incredibly trusting, and this will be a wonderful trait once you find the right person. But in the meantime, your sweetness can backfire on you. It can fool you into thinking that manipulative people are actually being straightforward and honest with you. You might end up getting tricked by an almost relationship because you never even consider the possibility that this person is playing you. But it doesn’t mean you’re gullible. It means you believe others when they make you promises. It means you give them the benefit of the doubt. And those aren’t bad things.


You’re an optimist. You want to believe that everything is going to work out in the end, that all of the hard work you put into relationships will be worth it. So even when someone is displaying red flags, you will let them slide for a while in order to give them a real chance. Even though you’ll realize when someone is stringing you along a little, that doesn’t mean you’re going to ditch them ASAP. You will have hope things will change. You want to believe that they’re going to change and see reason, that they’re going to realize how wonderful you would be as a couple. But that isn’t always the way it goes.


No matter how many times you’ve been burned before, you always see the best in others. You focus on their strengths while downplaying their weaknesses because you would want others to do the same for you. Plus, you’re a big believer in forgiveness, so even if they show a few warning signs early on in the relationship, you will give them another chance. You will have hope that they’re going to change their tune and treat you right in the end. You always get fooled by almost relationships because you see the potential in others. You know that they could make you happy if they really tried.


Sometime, your passion can get the best of you. When you meet someone special, you won’t think too hard about it. You will simply enjoy the ride. Instead of taking the time to sit down and think through whether this person is treating you right by putting a label on the relationship and flirting exclusively with you, you will be distracted by your feelings for them. You end up in a lot of almost relationships because you let your heart get in the way of your common sense. You let yourself get lost in the moment and get carried away by the sweet people that people tell you, even if their actions aren’t matching up with their words.

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