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Zodiacs Ranked From Who Needs Constant Validation To Who Loves A Good Chase

Zodiacs Ranked From Who Needs Constant Validation To Who Loves A Good Chase

Zodiacs Ranked From Who Needs Constant Validation To Who Loves A Good Chase

1. GEMINI (5/21 – 6/20)

You’re first on the list, Gemini, because you need clarity. If someone is into you, they need to show it, or you just don’t bother taking them seriously. There is so much on your plate already that putting yourself out there romantically without being reciprocated sounds like a nightmare. You have a sensitive side that just wants to know where they stand, when you’ll see them next, that they’re going to text regularly. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here—you’re looking for a partner who’s not afraid to put in the work, and your needs will deter those who just aren’t up for the challenge.

2. LEO (7/23 – 8/22)

Leo, you’re a close second because our phone is full of contacts ready to provide you validation, and any long-term romantic partner has to surpass them in both quality and quantity. If someone is going to be your number one, it’s a position they have to earn. A partner needs to know you better than anyone, to be able to like you for your most guarded qualities. They have to be available, because you can always find other plans. And they need to make their feelings known, because there are plenty of people out there crushing who would die for a chance with you.

3. SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/21)

It’s not that you’re needy, Scorpio—no one would ever dare make that criticism—rather you wouldn’t be able to handle the insult of someone not flirting back at you. It’s not your personality that requires validation, it’s your skills. You’re not known for turning on the charm, the mystery, and the sex appeal for nothing. And if after all of that someone were to act disinterested, the shock would be so great you’d join a monastery or a convent, or just never speak again. Of course, we’re talking in hypotheticals here, however unlikely, but facts are facts. You’re the one to be chased, never the other way around.

4. TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)

Taurus, your relationships need to feel like flying first class. Someone needs to be checking on you regularly to see if you’re thirsty, cold, and comfortable, and there sure as hell had better be free champagne. The same way you expect a certain level of customer service when you have money to spend, when your affection is the currency in question, VIP treatment is a must have. Your self-esteem is too healthy to let anyone treat you as if your time and attention weren’t the most valuable thing in their life. The good news for them is that you reciprocate.

5. AQUARIUS (1/20 – 2/18)

The people pleaser in you, Aquarius, doesn’t let you demand constant attention from your partner, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally off the hook either. You’re the type who could date someone with a demanding job, a busy schedule, or a lifestyle that takes them on the road, and be understanding enough to share their time and attention. But whenever there’s a break in between obligations, you expect devotion. You only wait around for someone when there’s a good reason, and laziness and game playing don’t make the cut.

6. PISCES (2/19 – 3/20)

Pisces, you’re stuck here in the middle because you want attention and validation but are unlikely to ask or demand for it. You’re not one to chase after someone else either. Your M.O. is a slow burn that goes on much longer than any of your friends can stand when you talk about it for the 100th time that echoes your favorite classic romance novels. By the time anything does happen between you two, you probably already know this person so well that they don’t feel like they have to fawn over you with flowers and emoji-filled texts. 

7. LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22)

You want the best of both worlds, Libra. You’ll probably pretend to reject someone just to create that push and pull between them fighting for your attention and you having to chase after them once they’ve given up hope. You want someone who can play any role alongside you, someone who can put up with a little drama for the payoff of a relationship with you. You get bored if there’s not at least a little conflict to spice things up and are wary of things that feel too sugarcoated to be genuine. 

8. CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19)

You are that employee that keeps their head down, gets their work done, and flies under the radar, Capricorn, and this translates to your relationships. You don’t need constant praise or a gold star from your partner. You’re okay if casual flirting builds its way into something deeper over time. For you, it’s about the timing of gestures. You’d much rather hear the words “I love you” at a fitting time than 20 times a day. And like a grueling 9 to 5, you’re willing to routinely put in the work for your partner. Dependable is your middle name.

9. ARIES (3/21 – 4/19)

Aries, you just love a fight. You’re not looking for a relationship that feels like getting handed a participation trophy. You’re prepared to get out there, look for the perfect partner, and then create a strategic battle plan. You are going to figure out who they are, what they like, what they dislike, and how to get into their good graces. Your ego is big enough that it doesn’t require additional inflation. You’re fine bestowing attention and affection on someone else, and you get your satisfaction when your partner asks for more. 

10. VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22)

You’re so independent, Virgo, you feel suffocated by too much ass-kissing. Despite the fact that you’re constantly striving for perfection, you only accept praise from a select few. The people you feel qualified to make that call. When it comes to relationships, you’d rather put on your best performance than let someone you barely know fawn all over you. A healthy amount of sarcasm will go so much further with you. There’s nothing you love more than falling for someone over a shared dislike—the more controversial, the better.

11. CANCER (6/21 – 7/22)

Cancer, you can be watered weekly like the lowest key house plant. Daily “good morning” texts are not your thing. You’d rather be left alone until you’ve had your coffee or have someone reach out when they were randomly thinking of you, not trying to start a routine and insert themselves into your life before they’ve earned that right. You’re tough enough to handle a chase and such a good judge of character. If the right person isn’t head over heels for you immediately, it won’t deter you from pursuing them.

12. SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21)

Negging is your love language, Sagittarius. Nothing is more validating to you than not being validated. It’s like you were built to ham it up for other people’s attention. The less interested they are, the more you have to work on your material. You are the ultimate free spirit and more of a romantic than anyone truly knows. You will keep exchanging insults with the object of your affection like your life depends on it, and with a never-ending supply of hope that one day that first “frenemies” kiss will literally knock your socks off.

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