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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Perceptive To Most Clueless

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Perceptive To Most Clueless

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Perceptive To Most Clueless


The FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, and TSA combined all got nothing on a Scorpio. They can find your credit score, your ex’s credit score, your dental records, your high school transcript, and that embarrassing home video of you you thought was only on VHS in a matter of keystrokes. They can even tell you what you had for breakfast by smelling your breath. It’s scary. So don’t even bother trying to hide something from them. If you can pass the background test, they are also the sign who will be most perceptive and sensitive to your needs. They’ll know when any little thing is out of whack for you even before you notice it yourself.


There would be no cancel culture without Virgos in the world. They have the ultimate nose for news and come across exposé material nearly every time they step out the door. If there is a whiff of anything nefarious going on in their workplace, community, or social circle, they will be the first to get to the bottom of it, making sure no one receives impunity. They become a sort of panopticon to the people around them. Knowing a Virgo is always watching puts people on their best behavior, especially those most likely to step out of line. They’re also the first to realize when a victim is suffering in silence and reach out to provide support when it’s most needed.


A Taurus can spot a knockoff from a mile away, and it makes them the best judge of character. They know when someone is lying to them, when someone has an ulterior motive, and nothing is more grating to their nerves than passive aggression. They pick up on the slightest hint of resentment and can’t stand all the pussyfooting around. There’s a Spanish idiom “llama al pan pan, y al vino vino” that roughly translates to “call things by their proper name.” Tauruses just want to address things head on for what they are and have no patiences for two-facedness. They are equally as good at picking out people who are genuine, trustworthy, and uniquely themselves. They value these qualities more than any other sign.

4. LEO

Leos are just up to date on all the drama. They’re not the ones watching Hailey/Justin/Selena TikToks, they’re the ones putting them together. They save every receipt and forgive but never, ever forget. If you’re on a third strike with a Leo, no matter how much time has passed between transgressions, you can be sure you’re out of chances. They will not take the blame or shame of being fooled multiple times. Always moving through wide circles, they stay on alert, combing through the people who are trustworthy and those who aren’t. They’re never just looking out for themselves and will keep their friends and loved ones away from anyone who is sure to burn them.


A Sagittarius is the most annoying sign to watch TV and movies with. They’re too well read and have a sixth sense for foreshadowing and will blurt out the plot twist 20 minutes into watching. They may give off clairvoyant vibes once you’ve seen them nail it a few times in a row, but what they’re actually doing is picking up on patterns. The trouble with them is that they only pay attention to the things that interest them, so while they’ll be super perceptive to travel, food, or the arts, they’re checked out of sports, finance, or the office drama. Their “good vibes only” golden retriever personality requires them to have selective hearing. 


Cancers go through life like a game of minesweeper. They have their eyes out for red flags only and can let the smaller stuff slip by unnoticed. They’re actually one of the most patient and understanding signs of the zodiac. They’ll cut you some slack and still love you despite your own personal handful of flaws. They’re also so even keeled that they may not pick up on the little things that irritate others and get deep under their skin. They are low maintenance and not one to obsess over anything for long periods of time. They’re the perpetual rolling stone, and it takes something really significant to stop them in their path. They’d rather just live and let live.


Pisces are split here. They can pick up on things that are so deep and soulful no one else is aware of them. It sometimes feels like they can see right through you, which can be an unsettling experience for those who are more guarded. But they can also be so absorbed in their own thoughts that they are oblivious to the things happening around them. They’re extremely selective with their cultural preferences and can sometimes feel like they were born in the wrong decade or even century. They’re the sign most likely to completely ignore the Super Bowl or the Oscars and opt instead for an old favorite of their own choosing. If they pay attention to you at all, it’s a sign that you matter to them.


Libras are so focused on maintaining their own homeostasis and well-being that they can totally tune out those around them. They’re the most likely to have not eaten take out or candy in years and live in their own health and wellness bubble. They don’t know about the late night dive bars in their neighborhood because they’re always in bed by nine. It may seem like they live under a rock at times, but the truth is they’re happy there. They stay away from anything that could stress them out too much because it’s not good for their blood pressure or mental health. They’re not interested in other’s conflict or drama, choosing only to focus on the good that can be found in everyone.


Despite being so smart, Geminis can have a reputation for being space cadets from time to time. They just have so much going on in their own lives that they don’t have time to keep up with current events or other peoples milestones. You’ll have to remind them multiple times that you got a new job or the name of the person you’ve been seeing lately, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care. They will remember the important things, that you’re feeling fulfilled or hopeful, excited or nervous. It’s just the particulars that get a little fuzzy sometimes. It’s not their fault life tends to be an information overload and there’s just not enough space to hold onto every single detail.


Capricorns are head down working day in and day out. So they’re not picking up on what’s going on with the people around them. They have a goal in mind and will focus exclusively on what they have to do to achieve it. They’ll adopt a Spartan mindset and lifestyle to get where they want to be going in life. So they won’t be up to date with trends, with what’s in style, what everyone’s talking about, but they’ll be the expert on their own little corner of the world. They’ll likely talk about it incessantly, even if others feel lost in the conversation. There is no embarrassment when it comes to being themselves.


Aquarians can be so socially and environmentally conscious that they fall into that hippy-dippy vibe. They’re the type who’s been composting so long that they have trouble finding a garbage can in public or forget what processed food tastes like. They can be so focused on their utopian vision for society that they become oblivious to the unfortunate necessities of daily life. Things like when their taxes are due or when their car is running out of gas. They mean well but are so busy philosophizing that they can’t be relied on for day to day tasks and chores. Just enjoy them for their warm hearts and lively spirits and let it go when they forget to bring an appetizer to the dinner party.


An Aries can be like a bull in a china shop. They’re so ready for confrontation that they can totally miss opportunities to smooth things over peacefully. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. They never realize when someone is flirting with them or when someone would like to be left alone. They just show up as they are ready to take on the day from their own point of view. They are great communicators, though, so if you just spell things out for them directly, they’ll be more than accommodating. Whatever you do, just don’t expect them to read your mind. It will be like them trying to read Greek or Chinese—totally foreign to them.

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