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Why You Should Open Your Heart Up To Love Again, Based On Your Zodiac

Why You Should Open Your Heart Up To Love Again, Based On Your Zodiac

Why You Should Open Your Heart Up To Love Again, Based On Your Zodiac

ARIES: The right companion will complement your life. 

Although you appear tough, what you really need is softness. You fear losing control and exposing your true, gentle side to someone again. There was a severe lack of alignment in your last relationship. You made a lot of adjustments in order to fit your ex into your life. Your fear is changing your lifestyle and routine only to wind up heartbroken. So, you run from commitment. The right person would never dream of slowing you down, Aries. The love of your life would never ask you to sway on your convictions. They are going to understand that the give and take in a relationship should be balanced. Your soulmate will have their own outside interests and individual lives, as well as encourage your own independence. There will be enough love, trust, and respect in the relationship to give each other space. You’ll come together to build the foundation of something strong. Your real love would never allow you to lose your sense of self with them. 

TAURUS: Your true love will never betray you.

You’re ruled by Venus, so deep down you believe that love would be the greatest experience of all, yet you remain cautious. You haven’t had love and loyalty reciprocated in past relationships, and have allowed those old wounds to fester into a deep fear of intimacy. Taurus, you shouldn’t let your history get in the way of your present. Stop being so stuck in the past. There’s too much love to give inside that heart of yours—a partner as generous as you are is your karmic destiny. A kind, reliable person that you haven’t yet met is waiting to come into your life to match your level of commitment. Your real love will never betray your trust. You’ve been closing yourself up to true vulnerability. Opening yourself up to love again wouldn’t make you weak, but strong. You can embrace love once you begin embracing change. 

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GEMINI: Not all relationships will hold you back. 

You’ve been gravitating towards casual relationships with people you know you could never be serious about, because you’re afraid of what a true connection might mean. You don’t want to be in a partnership again with someone who never gives and only knows how to take. So, you keep a safe distance from what could be right for you—from what could turn beautiful. You’ve learned from all the ways you’ve been hurt in the past. Have enough faith in yourself to know that you’d never again sacrifice parts of who you are for anyone. There’s no reason for you to fear opening yourself up to something real again. You’ll find the one in someone who allows you the space and independence you require. There are people out there who know the art of compromising. Your true love will give you the trust you deserve without asking you to break yourself trying to prove yourself.

CANCER: Not everyone is out to hurt you. 

You fear entering a new relationship because you’ve been drawn to selfish, toxic partners in the past. These days, you equate falling in love to setting yourself up for heartbreak and disappointment. You sabotage romance because you’re afraid of giving your heart and soul away only to be met with indifference again. The most beautiful thing about you is your capability of vulnerability, but you keep hiding under a tough exterior. Not everyone is out to hurt you, Cancer. There are souls you haven’t met who crave the same kind of emotional security you do. Real love will see your sensitivity as a strength, and will never make you feel insecure or doubt yourself. You’re going to meet someone who wants to be in it for the long haul—someone who will make you feel safe enough to open up. You’ll never doubt the intensity or reciprocity of their feelings.

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LEO: Real love will never dim your light. 

Leo, genuine and respectful love is capable of encompassing two individuals. You’ve been afraid to open your heart up to love again because you don’t want your light dimmed. You made a promise to yourself that you’d never again seek security from an external source of validation. When you got hurt in the past, it was by someone who made you forget your value and worth. Instead of building you up, they preyed on your insecurities. Now, you’re afraid to let anyone see the real you, so you leave before you get left. Heartbreak has taught you so much about your strength, Leo. So, why are you still running? Opening up yourself to love again will bring you that person that you’ve always dreamed of—someone who makes you feel special, supports you and reciprocates your love. Your soulmate will be proud of the way you light up a room and make heads turn—they’d never try to steal that beauty or power from you. 

VIRGO: One day you’ll meet someone who won’t disappoint you. 

Shake off the feeling that you need to protect yourself, Virgo. You keep projecting past pain on potential mates, sabotaging romance with distrust. In the past, you’ve swayed on your strong convictions for someone who was emotionally unavailable and unreliable. You’ve got an instinctive nurturing side, so you ended up carrying all the emotional (and likely financial) weight in the relationship. There is real love out there for you—a love that will put in the same effort you do into the life you share together. Your soulmate will never fail to measure up to your expectations. They will always make you feel supported and remind you of your worth. Tear down the self-protective walls you’ve been building and show that soft side you try to hide. You secretly crave the warmth and affection that comes from a loving relationship—your fear of disappointment is the only thing standing in your way.

LIBRA: Not every relationship is codependent.

You don’t want to let anyone see the real you. You keep gravitating towards superficial relationships that leave you yearning for something more. You’re ruled by Venus and find balance in companionship. You want love above all else, but you keep running from it. You’re afraid of sacrificing parts of yourself for the sake of a relationship again. History has taught you valuable lessons about what love really is, as well as pushed you to be introspective. You now know how to be assertive—have faith that you won’t fall back into the same codependent patterns. Your real love won’t ever make you feel like you’re “too much” when you express your basic emotional needs. Don’t allow feeling worn down by the past get in the way of a good thing. It will be a beautiful thing to experience an equal and mutually respectful partnership. Don’t deny yourself your biggest dream. 

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SCORPIO: True love exists and so does happiness. 

You avoid opening your heart up to love again because you’re afraid that the potential heartbreak would be too much to bear. You have a history of staying in unhealthy relationships far past their expiration date. This has left you feeling drained of all your emotional resources. You feel like you’ve got nothing left to give. You’re so afraid of allowing yourself to be truly seen that you resort to paranoid and destructive behavior to sabotage a true connection. You constantly question people’s motives and live by the philosophy that if it feels too good to be true, then it must be. You stopped believing in real love, Scorpio. The greatest gift you could give yourself is giving up control and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Recognize and embrace happiness when it’s staring you in the face. The passionate, intense, and supportive love you dream of is possible—you just have to have faith in it.

SAGITTARIUS: With the right person, love will never be boring. 

There’s nothing you fear more than feeling ordinary and living a life devoid of intense experiences. You’ve felt severely confined by relationships in the past, so now you equate putting down roots with settling. Sag, you need to let go of your apprehension of love, and quite frankly, get over yourself. You keep lying to yourself by trying so hard to remain emotionally detached. The truth is that you do long for companionship, you’re just afraid it would mean being put into a cage again. You just haven’t met the right person yet—the one who will fill your life with daily adventure and passion. Your real love will let you shine, give you space when you need it, and always be willing to try new things with you. That person will respect your independence and balance you out. With them, you’ll learn that love is the most thrilling experience of all. 

CAPRICORN: It’s okay to be vulnerable. 

You have a clear, concise idea about what you want in a partner, but disappointment has made you too picky. You use focus and discipline to hide your fear of vulnerability, claiming not to want someone getting in the way of your life’s purpose. Hiding behind your ambitions, you neglect romance. It takes a lot of thought and consideration for you to open up to someone—you don’t want to do it again only to be disappointed. You’re an extremely proud creature—having your heart broken stayed with you for a long time. You like the stable life you’ve built, and you fear that the unpredictability of love would get in the way of it. Capricorn, stop shying away from emotions. To feel deeply and express those vulnerabilities is not weak, but a strong and beautiful thing. Your true love will see past your defenses and assure you that it’s okay to lean on someone else every now and then. Letting someone in doesn’t mean losing the upper hand. 

AQUARIUS: Real love will never make you sacrifice your individuality. 

You keep people at arm’s length. History has made you afraid that romance will interfere with what makes you happy and the unique way you like to live your life. You’re afraid that if you open up to love again, you’ll end up in a relationship where you feel limited and constrained. In the past, compromising actually meant sacrificing a lot to keep your partner happy. You hate convention and appreciate the freedom to live life by your own decree. Being vulnerable won’t interfere with you asserting your individuality and choice. Aquarius, the love of your life will appreciate and share your values. They’d never ask you to give up who you are as a person or to set your needs aside. Your soulmate will be willing to rewrite the rules of love with you. They will understand and appreciate you for who you are. 

PISCES: Fairy tales do come true. 

Because you never want to let others down, you do all the emotional labor in relationships, placing all your efforts and attention on keeping your partner happy. You’ve never had that kind of energy and dedication reciprocated. The hurt has shattered your grand fantasies of love, but fairy tales do come true for those with a heart as immense as yours. You’ve just been looking in all the wrong places, Pisces. There’s a soul out there meant to merge with yours, who is as equally kind and warm as you are. They’ll never make you feel like your expectations are too much. They’ll indulge your hopeless romantic side, knowing it gives you the assurance you need to feel safe. This person will never exploit your giving nature. They’ll motivate you to express your emotional needs, and would never allow you to make sacrifices for them. Your soulmate will encourage you to work on setting and enforcing boundaries, even when it comes to them. You’re going to meet someone as selfless as you and realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Why You Should Open Your Heart Up To Love Again, Based On Your Zodiac

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