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Why Each Zodiac Stays ‘Just Friends’ With Their Crush

Why Each Zodiac Stays ‘Just Friends’ With Their Crush

Why Each Zodiac Stays ‘Just Friends’ With Their Crush


You’re scared to settle down with someone you like this much. You’re scared of getting your heart broken.


You’re scared of ruining the friendship. You’re scared you’ll break up and things will never be the same between you.


You’re scared they don’t feel the same way. You’re scared you’ve been reading all their signals wrong.


You’re scared you work better as friends. You’re scared kissing them wouldn’t feel right.


You’re scared your feelings are stronger than theirs. You’re scared they’ll say yes to dating you, simply because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.


You’re scared of taking a risk by asking them out. You’re scared the date won’t go as well as it always does in your head.


You’re scared they see you as a sister. You’re scared they aren’t interested in taking things further with you.


You’re scared you’re already getting too attached to them. You’re scared you couldn’t handle losing them.


You’re scared they’re still hung up on someone else. You’re scared you can’t compare.


You’re scared you’re going to hurt them. You’re scared you’re going to break their heart.


You’re scared you’re confusing friendship with lust. You’re scared getting together with them is a bad idea.


You’re scared they’re going to turn you down because they know you too well. They know all your bad habits and flaws. 

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