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Which ‘Hunger Games’ District You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which ‘Hunger Games’ District You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which ‘Hunger Games’ District You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In The Hunger Games, Panem is broken up into 12 districts. This is what district you would be in, based on your zodiac sign:


District 2. Aries is named after the god of war and this district is known for weapons and masonry. You are aggressive, powerful, and always willing to fight. Cato is from your district, so that says all it needs to say…


District 10. Grounded, smart, and stubborn, Taureans are from District 10, raising livestock and supplying the meat for the Capitol. They’re the type to do things on their own — they don’t want to bother or be bothered, but they’ll get things done.


District 6. Gemini is a mutable (movable) sign, and this district is known for its transportation. Not only that, but the “Morphlings” tributes look like twins — like the Greek mythological twins, Castor and Pollux, who spent time traveling back and forth between the heavens and the underworld.


District 11. One of the most crucial factors in agriculture — which is what this district is known for — is being nourished by water. Cancers are sympathetic and nurturing, which is why Rue connected with Katniss so deeply.


District 1. Known for luxury goods, like jewelry, this wealthy district is your home with Glimmer and Cashmere by your side. At your worst, you are arrogant and prideful, but at your best, you are confident, brave, and kinda lovable.


District 9. This district is known for grain, and the Virgo symbol is of a maiden holding a shaft of wheat. Virgos are very grounded, practical perfectionists. They are disciplined and just want to feel useful.


District 8. This district produces textiles, and this air sign enjoys creative endeavors (like creating outfits for the peacekeepers). Although Libras hate conflict, they value justice and harmony, which is why they were so committed to the rebellion.


District 5. Power and electricity come from this district which is where you’d find a Scorpio. They can be dark and mysterious when they want to be, just as they can be electric, intense, and fearless when necessary.


District 7. This district contributes with lumber and paper — and these are both substances that can create fire! This fire sign is independent, bold, and rebellious. “If we burn, you burn with us.”


District 12. This district is known for coal miners and is the home of Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch. Capricorns are incredibly hardworking, strong, smart, and determined — which are very much the attributes of those three.


District 3. Aquarians are known for being independent, rebellious thinkers, like Beetee and Wiress. They’re incredibly intelligent too, which is why they’re in the district known for technology and electronics.


District 4. This Panem district is known for its fishing industries, and Pisces is symbolized by two fish. This water sign is empathetic and always puts others first — like Mags and Finnick sacrificing themselves to save others.

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