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What Their Mind Games Mean, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

What Their Mind Games Mean, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

What Their Mind Games Mean, Based On Their Zodiac Sign


An Aries wants to test your boundaries and see where your weaknesses are. They want to learn how to fight with you, and more importantly, how to win. It’s a defense mechanism to protect them before they ever need to be protected. The best thing you could do in response is to metaphorically put your hands in the air. Showing them your vulnerability will be a shock to their system. 


A Taurus wants to see if you are on their level. It may seem a little snobbish and pretentious at first, the hoops they make you jump through to prove you’re well-read, well-dressed, and know where to make a dinner reservation. They’re looking for someone who can keep up. They want someone who has familiarized themselves with the classics, but above all else, someone who has formed their own opinions and refined their own tastes.


Geminis will play mind games with you just to bring out your childish side. They know all about juggling the pressures and responsibilities of adult life, so they’ll keep things light and playful to create a space the two of you can escape to together. The best thing you could do is meet them there, build those bonds and that trust, so you can gain access to their serious, sensitive side as well. 


Cancers have a level of self-doubt they can’t overcome. They want a clear-cut sign it’s going to work out with you, but life doesn’t provide straightforward guarantees. They’ve been in situations that were promising with no red flags in sight that took a sudden turn for the worse. They’re so stuck in the past trying to figure out why things didn’t work out, or what it was they didn’t see it coming, that it keeps them from trusting their gut with you.


Leos are hell-bent on making sure you’re as attracted to them as possible, and they know people always want what they can’t have. So they will give you just enough to get you hooked, and then cut you off. They like to see you suffer a little, especially if it’s over them. It gives them a sense of how perseverant you can be. How dedicated. And the more single-minded you are towards them, the more they’ll be into you in return.


Virgos are ever the puzzling creature. Even they themselves don’t know exactly why it is they push you away. You leaving them is the last thing they actually want, and they’re not purposefully trying to get you to chase them, even though they secretly hope you’ll see through the defense mechanisms and plant your feet firmly for them. At the end of the day, they’re giving you an out before you have an opportunity to abandon them by surprise.


Libra’s love a little conflict. I mean, you can’t have make-up sex without a fight first, right? It’s also their way of confirming you’re not too good to be true, that they’re not just waiting for the other shoe to drop. So maybe they’ll just go looking for a disagreement one day. To test the waters. To make sure you’re really in it for the long haul. And when you are, they won’t hesitate to thank you for it by showering you with affection.


If you’re lucky enough for a Scorpio to deem you worthy of engaging in their mind games, beware. You’re going to have to hold your own in the big leagues, and it’s not going to be easy. They can send a cryptic text in their sleep, and it’s all just foreplay to them. Meanwhile, you’ll be hanging on for dear life, Ron Weasley Wizard’s Chess style. They just want to see that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself at the alter of their ego. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Nothing describes a Sagittarius’ mind games better than Ms. Norbury from Mean Girls’ meme-worthy line“I’m a pusher, I push people.” Sarcasm is their love language. Teasing you is how they take a liking to you. How they pay enough attention to you to call out the weird way you walk or say certain words. They just want to act like their wit is their best quality, until somebody takes the time to look hard enough and find at their core is a big ole teddy bear. 


A Capricorn will play mind games to test your patience. How long can you wait for them to cut out the crap and get real with you? They’re looking for a metaphorical staring contest in a sauna. You’re going to have to sit there and sweat it out. To show you know how to stick around. That you can handle the hot seat and a little pressure. That you’re willing to endure hardship for the things that matter to you, and that they’re one of them.


An Aquarius will lay a trap for you by bringing up a controversial topic without letting you know how they feel about it just to see what you have to say. It can feel a little unfair at times, but they want to get to know your point of view without any pressure from their own. The best approach is to just be honest. You don’t have to pretend to know more about something than you naturally do. They just want to see you comfortable in your own convictions.


A Pisces is looking for that psychic connection. For someone to anticipate their needs, they will drop little breadcrumbs without spelling out exactly what it is they’re looking for from you. It will feel a little like a game show, because they’ll allow you more than one guess, and let you know when you’re getting hotter or colder, but you’re still going to have to prove your powers of intuition. You’ve got to be able to read the room and show you’re paying attention.

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