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What ‘The Office’ Characters’ Zodiac Signs Would Be

What ‘The Office’ Characters’ Zodiac Signs Would Be

What ‘The Office’ Characters’ Zodiac Signs Would Be


Andy is most definitely an Aries. The Nard Dog likes being a leader, using his confidence and high energy to his advantage. But he can be quite hotheaded too… remember when Jim put his phone in the ceiling and it led Andy to punch a wall out of rage? Yeah.


Angela is incredibly stubborn, which is why she is — without a doubt — a Taurus. Not only that, but she is quite loyal too. I mean, all those years of having feelings for Dwight? That’s her dedicated nature.


They say Geminis are wishy-washy, and that’s Jan! One minute she loves Michael and wants to be with him, and the next, she’s irritated by him and wants to be alone. She — like all Geminis — also loves a good dinner party…


Pam is a Cancer. She is great at taking care of others and putting their needs before her own (cough, Roy). She can be quite sensitive and compassionate, often sympathizing with Michael. She just wants to love someone (Jim) and be loved in return.


Who loves to be the center of attention? Yep, Kelly! She loves drama, whether she’s involved or not. She just wants to be loved and adored by everyone — but mostly Ryan. She is confident, loyal, and has a big heart, too!


Oscar is the kind of person who believes he’s smarter than anyone else. He’s a practical perfectionist, too. But underneath that rough surface is a sympathetic emotional person. When he had that crush on Angela’s husband, the Senator, he didn’t know what to do with himself!


If there’s one character who appreciates a life of relaxation and peace, it’s Stanley. He only works at Dunder Mifflin so that he can make enough money for retirement, where he will be sipping a glass of wine in the bath or taking a nap on the beach.


Ryan is definitely a Scorpio. He is cunning, always planning his next move. Remember all of the excuses he shared with Jim as to why he couldn’t go to lunch with Michael and Andy? “Use your head. Look alive Halpert.”


Meredith is a partier. She wants to have fun, try new things, and meet new people. She wants life to be an adventure and loves for things to be spontaneous. The life of any party, she will do anything she can to make things exciting! That’s a Sagittarius for you!


Dwight is a Capricorn: hardworking, dedicated, and smart. He would never waste his time in a relationship when he could be working in sales or on Schrute Farms — and would only be in a relationship if it benefited him in some way (like his contract with Angela).


Jim is very much an Aquarius. He is incredibly intelligent, unique, and innovative, always coming up with new ideas to mess with Dwight. When it comes to relationships, he is quite loyal too. I mean, he was in love with Pam for how many years?!


Michael is a people-pleaser. He loves to be around others, wants to be a helping hand, and wants everyone to be his friend. He’s very much in tune with his emotions, too. He was devastated when Angela’s cat Sprinkles died. No one cares about others more than Michael does.

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