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This Is The Zodiac Sign You Secretly Have A Lot In Common With

This Is The Zodiac Sign You Secretly Have A Lot In Common With

This Is The Zodiac Sign You Secretly Have A Lot In Common With

Capricorn + Aquarius

At first glance, this practical earth sign and free-spirited air sign seem like they have nothing in common. But they’re actually both sensible and self-sufficient. They both exude a high amount of passion for what’s important to them. It’s no question that Capricorn prefers to be at work than join an Aquarius at their 10th protest of the month. But don’t get me wrong, this cardinal sign respects the water bearer very much, and their determination to make a change in the world.

Aquarius + Pisces

Both are spiritual, artistic, and open-minded. Not only do Aquarius and Pisces attest to being great friends, but these two share similar ethics and values as well. While others may criticize this water sign’s fantasy-filled ways, Aquarius is there to encourage it. They help Pisces stay creative and pursue their dreams. And while some may think this fixed sign may lack structure, Pisces is only inspired by it. They marvel at the life this air sign has created for themselves and only see it as an adventure well taken.

Pisces + Aries

Both Aries and Pisces may express themselves in completely different ways. But these two are both emotional people. Both of them also wear their hearts on their sleeves. You can see it in the way this water sign cries openly and when this fire sign is excited or upset about something. Both are great friends as well—these two don’t hold back when it comes to the art of how they feel.

Aries + Taurus

This is a popular pairing platonically and in romance. The reason is that both Aries and Taurus share a similar air of ambition. They both value material security and are very strong-willed in life. Both of them are determined to make it to the top. Though this earth sign may disapprove of the fire sign’s impatience at times, it still believes in it and its ability to survive any obstacle.

Taurus + Gemini

So, what do a shy Taurus and a social Gemini have in common? Well first, mental strength and focus. This is already innate to the air sign, but to the bull as well. You can see it through the goals of their practical energy and the way they concentrate to meet every single one. Second, both of them love and value their families a lot, though their “how” and “why” is different, it’s no surprise why these two always end up together in the end.

Gemini + Cancer

Like Taurus, Cancer may also not seem to have much in common with this air sign. But it’s the fact that both of them are dreamers that makes them a bit more similar. Though this cardinal sign is more practical, it can also have as much pent-up imagination as its neighboring sign. Appreciating the sense of wonder in life is something both of them can agree upon too.

Cancer + Leo

This duo is similar to the Aries and the Pisces. However, as a Leo is more guarded with their emotions than an Aries, a Cancer, finds itself a haven to finally express how they truly feel. A Leo and a Cancer both value emotional safety and find it within each other. Known to also make the best of friends, these two have similar values in family, commitment, and loyalty.

Leo + Virgo

A Virgo is intelligent, and so is a Leo. These two are similar in ways of their heart and mind. They also value family, commitment, and respect. Fun fact: though Leo is a fire sign and doesn’t mind confrontation, out of the three, they are more of the peacemakers. So, when it comes to problem-solving, a Leo and a Virgo are on the same page, mostly.

Virgo + Libra

Being zodiac neighbors, Libra and Virgo share more similarities than one would expect. They’re both intelligent and love comfort and luxury. There’s also something about beauty that gets these two seeing eye-to-eye. They’re also said to be a duo that’ll likely end up successful, as they both know how to stay committed to the things they put their mind to.

Libra + Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio share similarities in the realm of connection and intimacy. Obviously, Libras are no strangers to what revolves around love and relationships. So, with a Scorpio, they have someone that understands that a strong connection isn’t built by holding back anything. This duo goes all in with relationships because they don’t know any other way.

Scorpio + Sagittarius

A gutsy Scorpio and an adventurous Sagittarius have a lot in common. They love loyalty and dislike betrayal. They’re also both ambitious and independent and don’t mind taking a risk or two along the way. Done in different ways, a Sagittarius has these traits because it seeks a never-ending adventure in life whereas for a Scorpio, in water sign fashion, it comes to them emotionally.

Sagittarius + Capricorn

Like a Scorpio, a Capricorn also values loyalty and commitment in its connections. These two have an easy time trusting each other as well. So, this goes great with a Sagittarius. Though this free-spirited fire sign takes longer to commit, a Capricorn will have no problem waiting. They too like to take their time in relationships.

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