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This Is What Your TikTok Algorithm Is, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is What Your TikTok Algorithm Is, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is What Your TikTok Algorithm Is, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There is a CIA agent inside of your phone, and they should win an award for how perfectly they have curated your TikTok algorithm. From GRWMs to TherapyTok, no topic of conversation or consumption is left unturned on the clock app, but not all of our for you pages look the same. They are unique, like a fingerprint. 

So, which side of TikTok are you on? We bet we can guess based on your Zodiac sign…

Aries — DanceTok

Aries, you have an extreme amount of energy and confidence inside of you. You’re such a fiery, animated human being, and you love to watch anything that has to do with athleticism and entertainment. You could spend hours scrolling through videos of people making up dances, and performing popular trends, and you love to see how each person brings their own individuality to the choreography you’re consuming. Heck, you may even try your hand at a few steps yourself. After all, anything they can do, you can do better, right?

Taurus — FoodTok

Ok, Taurus. While you shouldn’t always be stereotyped as the sign that loves food the most, it does ring true, and you can’t deny the fact that you’re here for FoodTok. Whether you’re watching What I Eat In A Day videos, or binge scrolling the feed of a chef who makes luxurious dishes from a restaurant you have on your bucket list, you’re addicted to all things delicacy, and you should own that. How many times did you watch Chef’s Table? That’s what we thought.

Gemini — Classic, Viral TikTok

Gemini, you always have your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world, and that is why your TikTok FYP is often brimming with a highly curated, yet expansive, set of viral videos. If anyone needs to be filled in, you’re the one who can tell them why Matt Rife is currently being canceled, and every single aspect of the Utah Mom drama. The Taylor Swift Look-alike tea? You’ve got coles notes. A Topher run down? Absolutely your wheelhouse. But what more would we expect from a Gemini? After all, your FYP is a reflection of your mind — and yours is chaotic, baby!

Cancer — BabyTok

Cancer, your maternal instincts are the most beautiful aspect about your personality. You truly can’t help but interact with and lovingly keep up with all of the babies and families that come across your timeline on any given day. You laugh alongside the Herberts and have even forgotten Poot’s real name. What about that man who created recipes for his wife based on the size of their baby during different stages of her pregnancy? You were obsessed and your heart exploded whenever they uploaded a new video. Two words Cancer — baby fever.

Leo — GRWM TikTok

You always know how to make an entrance, Leo, and you’re constantly looking for ways to ensure that you stand out. Therefore, you’re mildly addicted to GRWMs and you never scroll by a video that has to do with clothing hauls, product recommendations or trend hacks. As someone who likes to live their life as externally as possible, this comes as no surprise. Feel free to argue with us on this one, just make sure you exit the latest Alix Earle video before you do.

Virgo — Therapy TikTok

Virgo, as much as we would have loved to be stereotypical and put you under organizational TikTok — you do deserve a little credit for being one of the wisest zodiac signs. You’re addicted to growth, and you value self development. Therefore, therapy TikTok is your bread and butter. You might just have the most beneficial fyp out of this whole list, as it’s constantly feeding into your desire to become a better version of yourself. Keep growing, Virgo. We’re proud of you.

Libra — Interior Design TikTok

Libra, you are known for being the most aesthetically coded sign in all of the zodiac, which often means that everything in your life is a reflection of the beauty you seek. You spend hours on interior design pages, and are constantly scrolling looking for the next visually stunning piece you could add to your space to further create a foundation of harmony and charm in your life. Nothing brings you more joy than a uniquely remarkable home tour, Libra, and you love living vicariously through the things that catch your eye. 

Scorpio — True Crime TikTok

Scorpio, you’re basically a detective, and we say that in the kindest way possible. You love mystery, figuring things out, and you’re the kind of person who could go down a rabbit hole researching and looking for clues when it comes to a topic that has captivated you. Therefore, you’re most likely all over true crime TikTok, scouring through evidence and watching twelve parts to a series on how the most notorious criminals were finally caught. To you, you’re fascinated by what you don’t know, and the opportunity to figure things out alongside millions of people excites you. 

Sagittarius — TravelTok

Sagittarius, your TikTok is truly just a representation of your evergrowing bucket list. As someone who is in constant pursuit of adrenaline and adventure, it doesn’t come as any surprise that you could spend hours scrolling through travel recommendations, once in a lifetime experiences and jaw-dropping Airbnbs. You are never far from embarking on your next great escapade, and your perpetual feed of visual inspiration helps you to lean into the aspect of yourself that seeks escape. 

Capricorn — StockTok

Capricorn, we can keep this one short and sweet. You are constantly in your bag, and your fyp is a reflection of that. You are thirsty for success, and while you don’t often allow yourself to doomscroll social media (because it keeps you from building your empire) you don’t mind a little video every now and again that could help you to make a beneficial investment, or to crash into a new and exciting venture before the masses jump on the bandwagon. Here’s to early retirement, Capricorn. You are well on your way.

Aquarius — ArtTok

Aquarius, you value anything unique and rare, and you love to see passionate people create things that are a reflection of their minds. Some might call you a pretentious artist, but you’re just misunderstood, Aquarius. Scrolling through videos of WIPs and quirky sewing videos helps you to feel less alone, and it inspires you to put your own distinctive personality into the world. You don’t follow the crowd, but you do follow that one guy who makes those really cool 3D skiing paintings. What more could you want? 

Pisces — TarotTok

Pisces, it wouldn’t be fair to deny the fact that you are the dreamiest of all signs in the zodiac. You truly live in your head, and you are open and receptive to all things spirituality. Your intuition and psychic capabilities have helped to lead you to tarot TikTok, and you’re constantly scrolling through messages that were “meant to find you” and waiting on your daily card pulls. We love how mystical you are, Pisces — just make sure not to set fire to your apartment when you’re doing a cord cutting ceremony.

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